June 7, 2023
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DA Rocah Sends Letter To BOL Chair Catherine Borgia Requesting All Documents In WCDOA Investigation of BOL’s Knowledge of Alleged Child Sex Predator Anand Singh

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The District Attorney became aware on Friday, April 14, 2023, of an allegation of criminal conduct involving a Westchester County Board of Legislators employee and immediately began looking into the matter.

On Monday, April 17th Black Westchester asked, Did Westchester County Officials Know Legislative Aide Anand Singh Was Caught in Sexual Predator Sting Before The YouTube Video Surfaced, And if So How Long Before? Now we are asking why didn’t Westchester County Board Of Legislators (BOL) Chair Catherine Borgia contact the Westchester District Attorney’s office when she first became aware of the accusations.

Tuesday, April 18th, Chief Assistant District Attorney Amy Finzi sent a letter to BOL Chairwoman Catherine Borgia, citing their knowledge of suspected criminal activity by terminated BOL staffer, Anand Singh. The letter states the DA’s office was made aware of these allegations on April 14th, after the OBL Global Youtube video was posted.

Also on Tuesday, BOL Chairwoman Catherine Borgia releases a video statement of her own addressing the matter, where she says she immediately referred it to the Department of Public Safety who was unable to substantiate that a video existed.

“When video was released, I immediately terminated the employee that day,” Borgia says in statement. “The allegations are very serious, and I referred the matter to the FBI as it involves New York State and New Jersey jurisdictions,” Borgia shared in her statement.

Our sources tell us Borgia did not tell the BOL about the letter from the DA Rocah’s office. A few tell Black Westchester they found out in the press. Several legislators informed BW they were never informed by Borgia until after the video surfaced and Singh was terminated including Legislators James Nolon, Tyrae Woodson-Samuel and Majority Leader Christopher Johnson. Off the record a few legislators questioned the actions of the chair and her decision to not inform them when she became aware of the matter. One legislator however did give us an official statement.

“Based on a more extensive review of the facts, I believe that Catherine Borgia should resign as Chair of the BOL,” Legislator Damon Maher – who represents District 10 Eastchester, Tuckahoe, and New Rochelle – shares with Black Westchester Wednesday night. Maher also told BW he was not informed until after video surfaced.

Borgia says she immediately referred the matter to Westchester Department of Public Safety when she found out about Singh’s pedophilia actions and then to the FBI after the video surfaced, but why hadn’t Borgia contacted the county’s top prosecutor, District Attorney Mimi Roach is the question that immediately comes to mind.

We know DA Rocah came from the feds and is a 17-year veteran of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY). She collaborates and works with them on cases and refers appropriate cases as she did with MVPD as soon as she got in office. The FBI already works on state and federal cases with this DA. Her criminal investigations came from the FBI. Giving these connections and background of the DA and her team.

It appears that SDNY already got on this when DA Rocah found out, before Borgia reffered it to the feds. The letter shows that DA Rocah she is investigating the BOL and requesting documents (short of a subpoena).

Chairwomen Borgia Letter April 18, 2023 by Black Westchester on Scribd

Black Westchester obtained a copy of the letter to the BOL from the DA that requests “all data, materials, notes, information and communications” on this matter. Specifically, it also requires any notices given to elected board members related to this incident. To date, the only legislators proven to be aware of this allegation pre-April are Smith and Borgia.

The massive amounts of data requested about Singh’s investigation is supplemented by data generated by Singh himself. DA Rocah also requests all electronic device data–including location information–in use by Singh during his time at the BOL.

The Yonkers Ledger reports “Viewers of the livestream contacted BOL members to report the incident. Legislator Colin Smith of the first district then communicated these allegations to Chairwoman Borgia. With Singh being central staff, Borgia is solely responsible for this employee. Both Smith and Borgia state that they also reported this to the Department of Public Safety. In the following months, OBL claims they were contacted by the BOL and Public Safety on this matter. But, it was not until the public release of the fully-produced Youtube video on April 13th that Singh was terminated from his government employment. Singh is now being investigated by the FBI’s “Safe Streets” task force.”

By the way, the Safe Street Task Force is made up of FBI agents, specially trained state and local police officers and Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah.

It appears that the only person involved who did anything immediately was DA Rocah and her office, who by the way was never contacted by Chairwoman Borgia or the county. We must ask, WHY IS THAT?

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story!

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