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Cynthia Truth – Speaking Truth to People [New Column]

Greetings to you, readers of Black Westchester Magazine! I am Cindy Chan. I hail from here in New York state, and I write about several subjects that might interest you. I am hoping to make regular submissions to this esteemed publication, and these are the topics, along with a brief description of what my writing is focused on.

Education – First and foremost! It is clear to me, that every single child and most especially every single black child, needs and must obtain a full education. We spend a great deal of time and treasure, trying to help African American children reach a higher standard. We miss the mark when we don’t instill a LOVE for LEARNING. We miss the mark when we allow them to put social life and other distractions, ahead of developing a laser-sharp focus on getting and completing, a full education. This is indeed the issue from which our community suffers the greatest hardship, and it is the cause of every problem we face as Black people. 

Race – There is no doubt, that African Americans could choose to look inward, when it comes to the problems in the black community. Underneath their collective breaths, the rest of the world wants to know… ‘..Why do Black people run away from five scared, angry cops holding six-shooters and Glocs?..” My writings try to point out what we could do for ourselves, and what we should do to improve our own lot.

Interpersonal Communication – Many of the problems we face as a society, are based on the fact that humans are not well versed with interpersonal communication. We don’t know how to speak thoughtfully, and artfully. We frequently don’t have the self-control needed to have a successful conversation, let alone a heated disagreement. We don’t know when to give, when to take, and when to remain silent, or neutral. We don’t know how to express love for each other, especially for our children, (big problem – as children need love and support first, discipline second!). Marriages and relationships are so often short-lived. We are not taught what is truly necessary to form a long-lasting bond with another person. We value things such as ‘liking the same types of movies’, and ‘having similar interests’, when we search for a partner or a mate. We don’t know how to communicate properly with one another. Is it any wonder that there is so much contention in the world?

Spirituality – Generally people are not comfortable with the religious beliefs of others. And yet all religions are based on the same things – striving for peace and well-being. Spirituality, stripped from religion, should be used as a guide post for human interaction. Empathy and concern for others are the basis for a well-functioning society. Spiritual awareness teaches this. This connectivity and grace among all people should be developed and taught.

Senior Citizen Health – I teach senior citizens techniques that they can implement for themselves, to help them live better lives, avoiding pharmaceuticals and doctors. I focus on free modalities, such as deep breathing and stretching.  The program is designed to improve mobility and overall health; it is very well received and highly effective.

I’ve been working at this level of community activism for several decades now. My viewpoints and opinions tend to be a bit controversial, but as I say, I’ve devoted years to this research, and it is solid. 

Therefore I hope you will give these articles a bit of thought, as opposed to rejecting them outright, over any disagreements you feel exist. 

I promise you – I want nothing more than to end the violence, and raise the level of glory, pride, and productivity in our lives. 

Let us strive to become a community of Black Supremacists, for the world to reckon with.

Cynthia Truth is a radio broadcaster, public speaker, successful blogger, published author, and community activist. She is a compassionate, yet fiscally conservative, buddhist presbyterian, senior citizen, lower middle class black woman, and a direct descendent of Peter and Jane Randolph Jefferson. Her level-headed, honest and insightful presentation is geared to help deal honestly with the Truth about Poverty and Race in America today. She believes that every single child must be fully educated, and is an advocate for self sufficiency over social services. There is one and only one answer to every ill that we face as a nation. Full education for each and every child. She can be reached at


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