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Cyndi Goes To Grand Central Station

People from all over come to visit and shop at the busiest train station in the country.

Grand Central Station…

You can actually hop on the Metro North from Westchester County in seats that are comfortable, electrical outlets for your device(a) and certain cars equipped with a clean restroom. Peruse around in Grand Central Station on a rainy day.

Business meeting, a dinner date with friends, a brunch chat and chew. The lower dining section was a buzz at 11 AM. Folks ordering a delicious burger from Shake Shack and sweet-toothers deciding if they want a large banana pudding or medium from Magnolias Bakery.

Do you have an iPhone? Are you an Apple away keep the doctor away connoisseur? Pop into the East Balcony Apple Store. The rich stone walls of Grand Central Station would get you to purchase an Apple air top at a blink of an eye.

Small gifts from a variety of shops and small grocery shopping if you need a pack of raspberries and Greek yogurt for a morning smoothie. Take a seat and enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of New Yorkers and visitors. Grand Central Terminal has remained the busiest train station in the country.

People from all over come to visit, shop and take a public tour.

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