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Curtis Sliwa: Robert Astorino has Never Been Exonerated for his Corruption

Reform Party Chairman ask what did Astorino do with the $25,000?

YONKERS, N.Y.- With the election for County Executive just over one week away, momentum continues to grow for State Senator George Latimer in his quest to unseat two-term incumbent Rob Astorino. Today at Latimer’s Yonkers headquarters, Curtis Sliwa, NYS Reform Party Chairperson, was joined by Latimer and supporters to discuss Sliwa’s past dealings with Rob Astorino and Astorino’s abandonment of reform principles once elected.
Sliwa, who supported Astorino in his previous County Executive and gubernatorial campaigns, called on the incumbent to resign from office in the wake of recent federal testimony implicating Rob Astorino in a bribery and pay-to-play scandal.
Astorino founded the Stop Common Core line in his losing 2014 race for Governor. Immediately after the election, the party became the Reform Party. In September of 2016, the Reform Party’s leadership unanimously dropped Rob Astorino in favor of Curtis Sliwa because leadership felt that Astorino had no longer stood for reform values.
“Since I first met and supported Rob Astorino’s political aspirations, he has done a complete 180 on reforming the system. The recent testimony in federal court saying that he accepted $25,000 for clergy placards establishes his pay-for-play way of doing business,” said Reform Party Chairperson Curtis Sliwa. “He is under investigation by the US Attorney’s office of the Southern District and could be indicted at any moment. Whereas Mayor de Blasio was cleared, but chastised, Rob Astorino has not been cleared.  The people of Westchester county deserve a County Executive who is not under a cloud of potential federal indictment.  Rob Astorino, if he has a credible bone left in his political body, should resign.”
“We have sworn testimony that Rob took a bribe, and we have his lies to try to hide that fact.  The timeline of his so-called ‘receipt’ doesn’t match his public claims; the price of the watch isn’t credible, and it’s clear that his donors got the political favors they wanted.  He refuses to reveal the people he met with in his Manhattan office, or the extent of his pay-to-play schemes. Whether or not he’s indicted is a question for the prosecutors, but that’s where the facts are leading, and it’s clear that he can no longer continue as County Executive,” said Latimer.
In the September Primary, Latimer won the Reform Party nomination despite Rob Astorino’s callous attempt to take over the party by launching a write-in campaign. Latimer will run on the Democratic, Independent, Working Families, Women’s Equality and Reform Party ballot lines in the November 7th general election.


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