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“That Girl” Creative Fingers Hair Salon Owner, Michelle Styles Bernard

MICHELLE STYLES BERNARD [Creative Fingers Website]
Michelle and Mary J

When your ready to “ Laissez les bons temps rouler” this damsel’s creative fingers is just what the doctor ordered to paint the town whatever color you desire! Her father hailing from New Orleans, her mother fresh out of Brooklyn, already having given birth to an older sister, gave birth to another daughter and raised them in Yonkers NY.. Take a seat…This is about to be some real good gumbo! And by the way, she cooked me some that was out of this world! (Mush her nickname I know your reading this I’m going to need some more lol) #WhoWithMe

October’s very own vivacious libra who not only refused to become a statistic, she took the talent she was blessed with and used it to put others in a position to make money. If your “That Girl” you stop here regularly to keep your tresses intact.

Her clientele ranges from celebrities & professional athletes to common people that trust their coif maintenance to the best. Known for having “growing hands” she still give you a cut that’s unquestionably a step above the rest. But before we jump the gun, let’s take a step further back into her younger years

Growing up in Yonkers she was a part of the “IT” crowd. Her best friend is none other than the Queen of hip hop soul Mary J Blidge and writer extraordinaire and FabHoops CEO Latonya Blidge!! Look. I can stop right there and drop the mic we already have the rue tasting like everything, and everything is rue ( sorry couldn’t help myself ) !!! But… Let’s drop some seafood in!! She is also the cousin of the masterful Yonkers MC and Juices For Life business owner Styles P!! Now I can leave it right there and you’re going to insist the flavor can’t get any better… but it does! See. The trick to a good pot of gumbo is not just having excellent ingredients, but the long and slow process that intensifies the flavor. Her journey and how she pulled it together is what’s most pleasing to the palate.

Thrust into prime time in her late teens at the height of her besties Mary J Blige’s career they were everywhere doing everything! Although having the time of her life, deep in her subconscious she often wondered what her own gift was. Soon after she received an unexpected blessing to attend cosmology school. Not only did she pass, she graduated valedictorian of her class! With new-found knowledge for hair care, she kept her eye fixated on the prize, owning her own establishment. Before I give you any more details there is nothing better than hearing it from “That Girl” herself. Black Westchester, it is my absolute honor and pleasure to introduce someone who has become one of my best friends Michelle Styles Bernard.

BW: First of all I just love you and your energy!!
Hello Hello Hello Everyone!!
(We both laugh)

BW: I want to get right in to it… I want to ask you everything women want to know about hair. What is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to haircare ??
Michelle: Don’t trim it.. if I don’t trim it it’s going to grow.

BW: Why are girls so scared of trimming their hair ????
Because a lot of women have been through bad experiences, when you go to someone and ask for a trim and it’s a cut. You’ve been damaged that way as far as trusting your haircare specialist. The best way to look for a professional is to look for reviews. This is a time in our lives when everything is on the internet and people are able to Yelp and give reviews, that’s the first step in trying to find a good professional that will give a proper trim. A proper trim should be every 6-8 weeks and that hair will GROW GROW GROW down to your back! Pruning promotes growth and split ends will go right up your hair shaft like a run in your stocking. That’s the best way I can describe it. Your hair is growing even as we speak but you won’t see the length unless you prune it.

BW: Wonderfully put! So your saying seek and destroy??
Yes. You have to prune it. It’s like cutting grass when you cut it, it comes up nice If you don’t cut the grass it comes up like weeds and you can see through it. It should look like a carpet nice and thick. The key is to have ends that look like a paintbrush.

BW: Well alright Michelangelo!!! That’s a great point!!
(We both laugh)
Michelle: When you have your hair down your back and it looks nice and trimmed it’s going to perform for you whether you’re natural or relaxed. The key is to trim.

BW: What are some of the best hair care products women can use..?
I like this product line called A&G. It’s promoted more for Caucasian hair but it’s for everybody’s and it works remarkably. You can purchase it at Ulta Beauty or the internet. What I love most about the products is they have a huge give back to Africa. Which I always want to deal with product lines and professionals that have a great give back. When you give you receive. They even have a men’s line. They have everything from soup to nuts! I swear by it.

BW: That’s wonderful!! I agree 100%!!
What’s the best technique to go from untreated with color to color? So many women are scared to embark on that journey because they’re fearful of the damage that can be caused by it.
My first suggestion is to go to a professional! No home boxes !!
(We both laugh!!)
That is the beginning !! A professional will ask the necessary series of questions for example… Are you relaxing? Is your hair natural? Some clients that’s colored before will say I haven’t colored in two months, I ask the questions because that color is still there and it will affect the color I apply on you “if” you’ve had previous color.
If you qualify to get color, it depends on your levels whether you want to extract color out of your hair or put color in. Deposit means a rinse or a demi and those are darker colors. Demi means I’m putting color into the hair, which is a semi-permanent. Now if you’re going for blondes, reds, and you’re a brown base then we’re extracting color. The peroxide brings up levels. There are seven levels to everyone’s hair. It’s hard to tell a non-professional about the levels which is why it’s imperative to seek a professional.

BW: For a lot of women who don’t know what is a silk press??
It ain’t nothing but a blow-dry and wrap (We both crack up laughing)

The only reason I know is I did hair for 15 years a lot of women don’t know and are scared of how it sounds. I wanted us to clarify…. I have one last question.

To those who are unable to seek a professional because it’s unaffordable, what are the best tips to take care of your hair at home?
Clairol has a fabulous hotline. With their line, you can call in to get actual advice from a professional. But you have to be totally honest about your hair history and they can help you!

That’s amazing! Michelle, I thank you so much for educating us with your hair care tips they were very informative!! Love you and I’ll be in for my trim!!
For all of you who are wondering where to go the address for the shop is :
388 Tarrytown Rd, White Plains NY 10607 Suite 109 & 405

You will receive the most professional service from Michelle or any one of the stylist! Michelle is the owner, Stylist Cassandra, Bunny, and Vera are equally as talented.

You will walk out looking and feeling like “That Girl”!!!
Stop by and tell them Priscilla sent you!!

388 Tarrytown Rd, Suite 109 & 405, White Plains, NY 10607 – Tel: (914) 684-2790
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