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Chicago FOP President says Chicago Cops care more for Black Lives than Black Politicians, &*^%*&#* Please!

FOP has never been any champion of civil and human rights for black people that they have sworn to contain and control; not serve.

In the recent report by the Chicagoist, union president Dean Angelo stated that Chicago police care more about black lives than many black politicians because Police Officers risk their lives. As Union President, Mr. Angelo should be aware that risking your life is part of the job. That is what law enforcement is sworn to do, and that is what Law Enforcement get paid to do.

It is unfortunate that a Police Union President has decided to play dog whistle politics with the white base of his police department and the city because Black Chicago elected officials are requesting reasonable contractual changes in police oversight, misconduct and addressing the code of silence.

As a Black Law Enforcement organization, FOP has never been any champion of civil and human rights for black people that they have sworn to contain and control; not serve.

Judging by the continuous influx of illegal guns in the poor black communities of Chicago. Instead of grandstanding for contract negotiations and reelection, what is Union President, Angelo’s history on proactive police measures to stop the illegal weapons in the communities of color?

What is the proactive response of Union President Angelo to the Department of Justice Report on the CPD? The DOJ stated that CPD’s pattern or practice of unconstitutional force is primarily attributable to deficiencies in its accountability systems and in how it investigates uses of force, responds to allegations of misconduct, trains and supervises officers, and collects and reports data on officer use of force.

The DOJ also stated that the CPD lack of effective community-oriented policing strategies and insufficient support for officer wellness and safety contributed to the pattern or practice of unconstitutional force. The report cited a pervasive “code of silence” that leads officers to lie to protect themselves and colleagues.

The Chicagoist reported that Union President Angelo appeared to defend the “code of silence” or the Blue Wall amongst police officers in an Aljazeera interview.

The police code has been a detriment to justice to many black men, women, and children unjustly killed by police. This silence among thieves of life has been one of the main reasons citizens, especially people of color lack trust and integrity in law enforcement.

Let us not fool ourselves; this is what should be expected from the Federation of Police who supported the current President. The FOP that has supported repeals of Immigration, police oversight and accountability legislation that was put in place by the Obama Administration. Every request for appeal seems to be an attack on communities of color throughout the nation.

As a national organization of Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we reject FOP President Angelo conclusion that cops care more for Black Lives than Black politicians. His statement is insensitive, baseless and disrespectful to the many victims and families of victims in Chicago whose human and civil rights have been violated in the past.


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