Councilwoman Corazon Pineda Isaac And Feeding Westchester Bring Food Mobile Pantry to Nodine Hill

Yonkers — Majority Leader Corazon Pineda Isaac (2nd District) and Feeding Westchester bring first ever food pantry to Nodine Hill Community Center parking lot (140 Fillmore Street), Friday, April 23rd. Proving fresh meat (chicken and turkey), fresh produce and more to a community often ignored and much in need. Realizing the need the community and answering the call of those in her district Councilwoman Pineda Issac contract Feeding Westchester – who helps feed between 260,000 and 300,000 people every month – to bring their services to Nodine Hill.

“Good turnout today at our first mobile food pantry in Nodine Hill,” the Council Majority Leader shared with Black Westchester. “Thank you to Feeding Westchester, the Yonkers Parks Department and our amazing volunteers for making it possible. I hope to schedule another mobile food pantry soon. I’ll keep you posted as soon as a new date is set.”

Peter Pozo of Feeding Westchester said they were only to happy to help the Majority Leader answer the call and needs of the people of Nodine Hill and informed Black Westchester, while this is the first, this will not be the last time they do this at the Nodine Hill Community Center.

Black Westchester also caught up to Majority Leader Corazon Pineda Issac to get a couple of words in between her greeting and assisting her continuants.

Black Westchester’s Latino Empowerment columnist Lorraine Lopez and Yonkers Council Majority Leader Corazon Pineda Issac at mobile food pantry at Nodine Hill Community Center, Friday, April 23, 2021 [Black Westchester]

“We’re here today at Nodine Hill with a mobile food pantry, we’re so excited because it’s the first food pantry in Nodine,” Councilwoman Pineda-Issac shared with Black Westchester. “We saw the need so we partnered with Feeding Westchester to provide these services to the folks that are local here, so they can get what they need and be able to walk home. We felt it was important to bring these services close to the people who need it. This is the first one here, first one at Nodine Community Center, but it won’t be the last, we are going to do it once a month. The goal is possibly have a permanent food pantry right here at Nodine. We selected this location because there hasn’t been a mobile food pantry in this local area and we wanted to bring it here, where folks cause walk up and get the food and be able to walk back home. We wanted to make it more accessible to the people of Nodine Hill. If you are in the Nodine Hill area or anywhere in Yonkers, please come when we have these mobile food pantries and come get some stuff.”

About Majority Leader Corazon Pineda Issac: Majority Leader, Corazon Pineda-Isaac currently serves as the Yonkers City Council representative for the second council district of Yonkers, New York.  She was elected in 2013 to a four year term and was recently re-elected to serve a 2nd four-year term. She currently serves as the Real Estate Committee Chair for the Yonkers City Council. As a life-long Democrat, she fights every day to ensure that the City of Yonkers continues to improve its schools, fight crime and provide high quality municipal services to all neighborhoods. Corazon has made it her mission to be a real leader. She understands the wide-ranging needs and concerns of her community and the city of Yonkers, and she dedicates herself to her constituency by providing full, honest, and real representation.  She maintains an “open door” policy with her constituents and encourages community participation and collaboration in working for a better Yonkers. For more info click here, and Click here to e-mail Corazon at City Hall.

About Feeding Westchester: Feeding Westchester nourishes our neighbors in the fight against hunger. As the heart of a network of nearly 300 community partners and programs, they source and distribute food and other resources to towns across Westchester, helping to ensure that none of our neighbors are hungry. Together they are Feeding Westchester. Feeding Westchester is a member of Feeding America, the nationwide network of more than 200 food banks serving every state in the United States. Our membership gives us access to millions of pounds of donated food products from national companies. Our Feeding America membership also provides access to trainings and resources that help us maximize efficiency. We are proud to be part of the top ten percent of Feeding America’s member food banks for distributing nutritious food to local people.  To learn more about Feeding America, click here.