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Councilman Wallace Responds to Mayor’s Press Conference on Memorial Field, “Stop Grandstanding And Do Your Job”

Mount Vernon Mayor. Richard W. Thomas continues his political grandstanding which generates negative attention to himself and to the City of Mount Vernon.  In his latest political stunt, he announced that his administration has just filed a lawsuit against former Mayor Ernest Davis, Comptroller Maureen Walker, former Water Commissioner Anthony Bove, and Members of the City Council for contributing to the contamination at Memorial Field.  His actions are merely designed to garner support for his brother who is running for City Council in the upcoming General Election.

Mayor Thomas’ constant attacks continue to cause a distraction from the real issues facing the City of Mount Vernon.  Instead of hiring a police commissioner, finding ways of generating genuine revenue streams to stabilize property tax increases, and addressing other serious issues in Mount Vernon, the Mayor chooses to spend tax dollars on bogus lawsuits and to slander his political opponents in the media.  Moreover, the Mayor continues to hire Smith, Buss & Jacobs, LLP- the attorneys that represent alleged Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio without approval from the Board of Estimate and Contract to represent the City in this matter.

The public must be reminded that Mayor Thomas was a sitting council person who chaired the Committee of Legislation and Public Works, the committee to which the Water Department is assigned.  If he was worried about possible contamination at Memorial Field, he should have addressed his concerns when he was on the City Council.  He was never part of the solution but he is always part of the problem.

Mayor Thomas must get to work for the people of Mount Vernon.  The time for  showboating and political attacks is over.  The people of Mount Vernon are weary of the Mayor’s grandstanding.  The people of Mount Vernon want action…the people of Mount Vernon want progress…the people of Mount Vernon want effective change.


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