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Councilman André Wallace Challenges Mayor Richard Thomas To The Truth

Mount Vernon — Coming to the end of the eighth month of Richard Thomas’ freshman term as Mayor of Mount Vernon and André Wallace’s first term as City Council, to say the road has been rocky for both elected officials would be an understatement.

The city of Mount Vernon has been exposed to an ongoing Civil War in City Hall, from cops being called on Councilmen for allegedly breaking in to City Hall after hours, to countless press conferences pointing the blame, the lawsuits back and forth between the Mayor’s office and the City Council, the question of signing checks, the accusations from the Thomas Administration of Wallace not finishing the EOC Center and not paying his workers prevailing wages, Wallace suing the city for money owed him for the project, the Mayor suing Councilman Wallace for not paying prevailing wages, the zombie home hearing and much more and this is just the first eight months of office for both elected officials.

Councilman Wallace releases a 20-plus-minute video challenging Mayor Thomas to a public forum where they both present the facts as they know it and let the public decide, in an effort for everyone to move forward regardless of the outcome.

“I recorded this video to set the record straight on the firehouse and all of the allegations being made by Mayor Thomas and Joe Spiezio, that are not true,” Councilman Wallace says.

Councilman Wallace breaks down everything and addresses each one at a time (see video below).

BW encourages the two elected officials to square off publicly once and for all and make their case to the public (since that’s who all of this is supposed to be about), so the public can hear both sides at once and make their own decision of who is telling the truth and who is not.

BW held the position that until the elected officials begin to work as one the city of Mount Vernon will never be able to move forward. Enough of the Facebook allegations and playing the blame game in the media, the people of Mount Vernon do not really care why you two are fighting, just that you finally find a way to work together for the betterment of the people of Mount Vernon.

We applaud Councilman Wallace for taking the bold step to agree to put all the cards on the table with Mayor Thomas in a public forum. Mayor Thomas has often said he wants to move forward.

Bob Marrone of Good Morning Westchester on WVOX has even extended an invitation to the two elected officials to come to the station and air things out live on the air, we are told Mayor Richard Thomas declined. Phil Reisman has extended an invitation to both and we are told Mayor Thomas declined. Black Westchester has reached out to both elected officials several times over the last few months to get them together to air things out unsuccessfully as well.

However or wherever they decide to do this, if they both agree and come into it without hidden agendas, it will ultimately be good for the city. Personally, I would lock them both in a room and not let them out until they can get it together, and I’ve told them that.

Now that Councilman Wallace has officially issued the challenge, will Mayor Thomas except so we can put all of this nonsense behind us, we will see. BW will bring you further details on this developing story as they become available.


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  1. Why give Wallace a platform for a debate? He’s not running for office and the fact that he is undermining the current mayor sends a message about his loyalty & ethics. In the end, there is a chain of command. You may not like what the current mayor is doing or how he handles certain issues, but he is the mayor and it’s important that he is afforded the opportunity to do his job. If Wallce wants to debate the mayor, let him get a campaign together and he should get his chance next election. His job should be focused on the city council and how he can contribute to the growth and redevelopment of Mt. Vernon. Too much smoke and mirrors and not enough focus on resolving the issues that have plagued this city for years.

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