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Councilman Griffith’s Statement on Thomas Administration Using MVPD To Illegally Shut Down Kela Tennis

After spending a good part of Wednesday standing with the owners of Kela Tennis, in the aftermath of the Thomas Administration’s “Memorial Mishap” and “Million Dollar Mess,” in the destruction of the Tennis Bubble, Councilman Marcus A. Griffith has had enough. Councilman Griffith spoke with Black Westchester’s Brenda L. Crump about it and now he has released a statement on MVPD leadership and the officers who were ordered to arrest him and bar and remove the owners of Kela Tennis off their own property.

After working toward a respectable, honorable resolution for a Police labor contract, I am disturbed by the Police “leadership”. Eight officers protecting a public site from a Councilman and people protecting their personal property? Who is running the Police? Who REALY is in charge? Who gave the order to have me arrested? What possibly could the charge have been? Trespassing? Council members are Officers of the City. We are empowered to protect City Assets. I’m doing my job. Kela is protecting their personal property. Horrific that the Police Leadership is not conforming to the Law, or Order. I hear the Law Department sent email ordering the Police. This is the root of the Mayor Thomas corruption!!! The infection is from the Mayor’s Office through the Law Department, or ViceVersa!

Stay tune to Black Westchester for more on this developing story!


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