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City Council To Hold Presser To Address DOJ Complaint Against City

Mayor Thomas Continues to Put Out Provably False Statements

Mount Vernon– The Mount Vernon City Council will hold a press conference on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. in the Rotunda of City Hall, located at One Roosevelt Square, Mount Vernon, New York.
The City Council plans to address the complaint filed against the city by the United States Department of Justice, Southern District of New York, and the New York Attorney General which alleges that the city has not prevented illegal and illicit discharge from flowing into the city’s waterways.
Mayor Thomas held a press conference where Acting Council President Andre Wallace, City Clerk George Brown and Deputy Clerk Lauren Carter were asked to leave and escorted out of the mayor’s office by members of the Mount Vernon Police Department on Thursday. In addition to sending out several email blasts blaming the Council and Comptroller. The email blasts and press conference sends out mixed messages to the residents of Mount Vernon, leaving the council to hold this press conference to clear the air and give the residents the whole story.
The latest email blast that came just hours before this article was published – at 8:32pm – was titled, Plaintiffs: United States Gov’t vs. Defendants: Ernest Davis, Maureen Walker, Marcus Griffith, Andre Wallace, Lisa Copeland 18 Civ. 5845 with link to a court document (see document below) that says plaintiff as; The City of Mount Vernon, which the mayor is the Chief Operating Officer of. His name is conveniently left out. Once again the mayor has released provably false statements – much like the Trump Administration – to shift blame to council and comptroller removing all blame off himself. Releasing it at an assembly line type speed that its hard to keep up or address each untruth before the next one is released. The problem is either residents believe it or better yet do not know what to believe because of the conflicting information.
In July 2017, the Council and Comptroller Walker announced the approval of $540k for 2 pieces of equipment and eight workers and allocated money to fix the existing sewer truck ($68k). Our research shows the problem is mayor failed to turn in two reports so the DOJ doesn’t know anything was done. It appears the Council and Comptroller in fact have been doing their job but its the mayor – who oversees the day-to-day operation of the city – who has dropped the ball and hasn’t been doing his job despite his mixed messages blaming everyone else.
Mayor Thomas also blames the Davis Administration, when he, himself was sitting on the Council and then blames Councilman Wallace who was elected to Thomas’ council seat when Thomas ran and won the election to become mayor instead of running for re-election. If you blame Councilman Wallace who came in office at the same time you swore in as Mayor then you have to blame your administration, it can’t be both your predecessor’s fault and the current Councilman. You were part of MV City government during both periods of time but you seem not to have any blame in the whole scenario and that doesn’t add up. Yes I know its difficult to follow, even for me the writer, but BW will continue the war against bullshit and do our very best to bring you the facts. BW advises residents is carefully read everything going out, so you can navigate through the BS and recognize it when you see or hear it.
Joining the City Council will be Richard St. Paul, a White Plains-based attorney the City Council has retained to represent them in this matter. The sage and the Civil War in City Hall continues…. Stay Tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story

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