Council of School Superintendents Send Save Mount Vernon Cease & Desist Letter To Stop Today’s Rally

MVCSD Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Hamilton at the State of The District 2016 [Black Westchester]

The Council of School Superintendents mailed a cease-and-desist letter to Mr. Jesse Van Lew of Save Mount Vernon in an effort to prevent the rally and protest of community stakeholders from calling for Mount Vernon Superintendent’s resignation. The group is calling for the resignation of Dr. Hamilton and all other school administrators who were warned before the killing of Kayla Green that their was a brewing problem and did nothing to stop it.

Despite the letter, Mr. Van Lew said he stands by all of his statements and has the receipts to back them up and he plans to go forward with the rally and press conference at 5:30pm today. Jesse explained why he was leading this action and answer questions and concerns earlier today in a Facebook live video.

We spoke to an attorney who went over the letter for us and everything Mr. Van Lew said and wrote on Facebook and found no merit to the defamation claims in the letter. The attorney who was doing Black Westchester a favor and asked to stay anonymous told us while they couldn’t be certain, it would appear to be a tactic to bully Mr. Van Lew from exercising his constitutional rights to hold Mr. Hamilton’s feet to the fire.

We reached out to the Council of Superintendents and was informed by the lady who answered the phone she could not speak to the letter and the person who could was on vacation and would be back next week. She took down our contact information and said she would give it to the media department.

We reached out to Mount Vernon City School District Superintendent Dr. Hamilton for a quote but wasn’t able to reach him. We left message and if he sends us a quote, we will update story to include it.

As of now at time of publishing the rally and press conference in front of the Board of Education will continue as scheduled (see flyer above.)

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story!


  • Wowwww it is his constitutional right to hold any rally. When do we start stepping on ppl rights? Jessie Van Lew loves Mount Vernon and the ppl of Mount Vernon and I stand behind him. I don’t know whether Dr Hamilton knew about the on going conflict between the Cheerleaders but what I do know is that all girls involved has been let down by our community Parents, School and Community and somebody needs to be held accountable so something like this can never happen again. I have been born and raised in Mount Vernon School system and so was my oldest siblings and only one death occurred and it was not Mount Vernon teen against Mount Vernon it was a boy from New Rochelle that killed one of our own and there was severe punishment because basketball was halted for a while.With that being said you go and figure out why that is because I already know the answer, these administration is different, these parents are different and the community is definitely different.

  • We need more people like Jesse Van Lew in our city.

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