June 10, 2023
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What Some Cops Are Saying About the Death of Eric Garner

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In Black Westchester we don’t make it a practice of posting others site’s work, word for word but when I read this, we wanted to make an exception, because we felt the readers of BW needed to see this. This story was originally written by The NewsOne staff for NewsOne.com …

Emotions are running high over the case of Eric Garner, a Staten Island man who died last week while under the restraint of NYPD officers. Social media activist have mobilized under the #JusticeForEricGarner hashtag. There is, however, another community online expressing their feelings about the case: police, and what many have to say is chilling. NYmag.com has the story:

In internet communities for law enforcement, like PoliceOne.com, “the One resource for Law Enforcement online,” and Thee Rant, an NYPD message board, the Garner story has stirred up racial, political, and professional tensions, most of them quite ugly. While all of the comments below are anonymous, and therefore not verifiable, both sites do require registration for membership (“No ID card, No Approval!” says Thee Rant). By no means a comprehensive view of law-enforcement feelings about the incident, the postings do provide a different — if beyond upsetting — perspective.

Here are just a few of the comments gathered by NYmag.com. We’ll warn you: they’re very upsetting.

SAPDMAS: Again if Mr walking heart attack had simply put his hamburger shovels behind his back, he wouldn’t have had a heartbattackmfor over exerting himself. The NYPD did absolutely nothing wron. Tomthe guys slamming these NYPD officekrs, I and many here wouldn’t want any of you guys around us on a critical,incident. Hopefully you guys are desk jockeys.
esu5: I think they were very generous, maybe too generous in the amount of time they allowed this guy to vent. I wonder if that was because of his size? Or that they were awaiting backup, again due to his size. I also didn’t see any kicks, baton strikes, punches, nothing that could be construed as excessive.
kopinyc: A more accurate headline would be “Non Compliant Fat Bastard Gets Just Due In Resisting Law Enforcement Officers”
DisGraziato: I guess it’s the best thing for his tribe. He probably never worked a legit job. They city will pay off the family and they will be in Nigggaaa heaven for the rest of their lives!!
PH1nAlLY Phr33: As they go down, one can clearly see the cop (Green Jersey) holding-on to his neck with his left arm ONLY while trying to grab perp’s right hand with his. Within 1 second he lets go completely and twists to a seated position next to the perp. There was no continuous “Chokehold” of any kind. Though not surprised, I like how these rags try to portray/describe something that never happened.
NYPD finest: Hopefully I am totally wrong but they are going to try to crucify these cops for doing their job. If the fat fuk just put his hands behind his back none of this would have escalated into what it did. I think the cops are going to have a long uphill battle but thankfully this happened in Staten island and not the Bronx.
Career Path: Fuckin Bratton threw the cops under the bus by declaring it as a choke hold.The cop grabbed him from behind yes but did not hold this guy in a position where the breathing of this fat bast*rd was blocked.The medical examiners report will be in the cops favor.Tell Deblowzio to get his azz to Italy.
Officer Joe Bolton: It’s going to be an up hill battle for the cops, you can clearly hear the fat bastard crying out “I can’t breath”. If ever a person wanted to know why police work is so difficult, here is a good reason. Best of luck to those guys who’s lives (and their families) have just been turned upside down for all eternity.

And these people are sworn to protect and serve.

Just so we’re clear, this is not posted to further fuel the situations and fan the flames. While there is a growing attitude in our streets, that only violence respects violence, The only way to get the officers who are abusing the authority in our neighborhood is to take it to them. To that we say, an eye for an eye just leaves us all blind. The great divide between us and some officers who police are neighborhoods is communication and better relations. In closing I leave you with the words from one of our contributing writers, Cynthia Turnquest-Jones; “…we need to put all guns “tongues” on the table. Let’s go voice for voice. Hiding and Frontin behind closed doors. That’s the issue. Let’s be honest. You say what you have to say. I will say what I have to say. Hold me accountable. I hold you accountable. The twisted mind is just as bad as the corner mind. Let’s Be Outloud. Courage Up!”

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Danette Chavis July 25, 2014 at 12:35 AM

Oh, I’ve seen this movie before. It ends with “no wrong doing” being found against the officer and the victim being blamed for his own demise. The people will “fuss, cuss, rant and rave” and political folks will ask for “peace” until the conclusion of a Federal investigation. The investigation will drag “on and on” until we’ve forgotten and by then we will have moved on to the “next fight and demand for justice”. This time, “vowing we’re not taking it anymore” trying to convince each other that “this time” we really mean it. And that ladies and gentleman, is the fight here in the United States that black folks wage against police brutality and murder! They want “a boycott” but wont do it! They wanna fight “fire with fire” and shoot police but say, “you do it first”. They claim the want “a revolution” and the whole systems rotten – but are perfectly content to “march and protest” in the hopes of getting assistance from that system. Are their any as “lost” as we’ve ourselves? But ask any one of us – we’ll tell you what needs to be done! And the exact thing that we say “needs to be done” we wont lift a finger ourselves to do! So we run around “tearing down” other works in progress, telling one another that it won’t achieve much. Well, the gig is up, the day is over and we are own our own. We wasted a lot of time “talking” “philosophying” and becoming “conscious” and now it’s time to put it all into action. Problem is, we gotta philosophy and talk in order to bring “our own brand of conscious” to the people we say are sleep. I got a funny feeling they ain’t sleep. They pretend to be, because they want no parts of the confusion that arises when black folks tell other blacks folks what to do – and ain’t none of them doing NOTHING!


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