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According to Your Black World correspondent Ben Dixon, cops crashed a pool party in McKinney, Texas, but seem to be chasing after the black kids more than anyone else.

In McKinney Texas a resident invited a few of his black friends to a pool party at his home. His neighbors called police when they saw a large number of African-American teens acting like typical teenagers in their neighborhood.

The police arrived and immediately started harassing the black teens, forcing them to the ground and threatening to arrest then. When one young lady tried to speak up for her rights, she was thrown down and had her face smashed in the ground by the officer. A few brave young man tried to step in to help her, and the officer pulled out his gun on the boys…

Basically this is another case of white officers racial profiling black teens and unnecessary police over-reaction. It could have very easily turned into a case where multiple innocent black teens were killed for no reason but the fact they were black and in the wrong neighborhood even though they were invited.

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