Convention Madness: Don’t Believe the Hype By Charles Barron 

Hillary Clinton is going to win New York State, but it won’t be with my vote

What the Republican and Democratic Conventions have clearly demonstrated is that the American Racist Capitalist system is in dire need of a Revolution, a Radical Systemic Change. Don’t be fooled or intoxicated by the glitter, glamour, fanfare, party atmosphere and euphoric speeches of staged conventions. 

We must keep a sober mind! America is the richest/wealthiest country in the history of the planet Earth. Yet it creates intolerable inhumane abject poverty amongst its people, especially its Black and Brown people.

 There is going to be a Presidential Election in November of 2016. The Democrats have nominated a Clinton/Kaine ticket and the Republicans have nominated a Trump/Pence ticket. These are four conservative candidates that have supported policies and actions that are detrimental to Black and Brown communities. Don’t be fooled by speeches, these four are horrific. Check out their track records, not their rhetoric. 

Often times we feel trapped into voting for the lesser of two evils. But sometimes we vote our conscious and not for any evil. My conscious and principles will not allow me to vote for Hillary Clinton, not even to stop Donald Trump. In prior writings I presented research on Clinton’s foreign and domestic policies that were devastating to African counties abroad and to Black and Brown communities locally. 

In Presidential Elections you vote by State. Hillary Clinton is going to win New York State, but it won’t be with my vote. I am going to register a write-in protest vote named “Reparations Now.” All politics are local! We must create change from the bottom up by electing Black Radicals to local City Council and State Assembly seats and by building Mass Movements for Liberation. 

We must consider a twenty-first century form of of Black Nationalism for economic self-determination. Remember Our Struggle May Be Long, But Victory Is Certain! Forward Ever!