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Unhappy Consumers Call On Macy’s To Tell Trump “YOUR FIRED”

First it was Univision, then NBC. Could Macy's be next to cut ties with Donald Trump?

Petition demands Macy’s dump Donald Trump


First it was Univsion, then NBC has severed ties with Trump due to his racist comment calling Mexicans “Immigrant Rapist and Drug Runners” during a speech declaring his candidacy for President. Consumers were furious and have pressured Macy’s to also fire the real estate tycoon.

Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren has defended Trump in the past after alleged sexist comments were made stating ‘”ours is a free society compromised of a wide range of viewpoints,” according to The Huffington Post.

Over 700,000 people have since signed a petition that asks Macy’s CEO Terry J. Lundren to end the department store’s business relationship with the outspoken developer.The petition says Macy’s has “an even stronger relationship with Trump than NBC” and calls on the store to “follow Univision’s and NBC’s lead and finally dump Trump.”

imageDonald Trump has an affordable clothing line through Macy’s including $70 dress shirts and ties for business men, and cologne to go along with it called “Success”.

“Trump is their de facto spokesperson,” according to the petition on “They invest in developing Trump’s brand, promote him in advertising, and sell his clothing line and fragrance. In the past, they have held major Trump-focused events at Macy’s Herald Square.”

Unfortunately for Macy’s which is already suffering from a shift toward direct-to-consumer business models, which brands use their own websites to sell direct to customers without going through a large department stores like Macy’s.

Bloomingdale’s Chairman and CEO Tony Spring said this changing landscape keeps him up at night. “Our vendors are our partners and suppliers. But many have also become our competitors,” Spring said at the Retail Marketing Society’s “Reinventing the Store” conference in June.

That alone may be a reason Macy’s will keep Trump around, they simply can’t afford to let him go. Whether it’s in the cards or not knowing his views, ask yourself if this same man is capable of running the United States?

Donald Trump’s Anti-Mexico Controversy Unites Latin Stars

With the fallout from Donald Trump’s anti-Mexico rhetoric continues, artists are slowly rallying in response to what they deem as a slap in the face to all Latinos. And the controversy is far from over.

Hollywood star Roselyn Sanchez, who, along with Cristian de la Fuente, pulled out of hosting duties for the July 12 Miss USA pageant amid the controversy, as did Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin the day before, citing similar reasons. “Although I am not Mexican, I am Puerto Rican and a proud Latina, and his comments were an insult to our culture,” Sanchez said in a statement on June 25. “I won’t sponsor anything produced by Donald Trump.”

Maná’s Fher on Artists Engaging Politically,
Speaking Up Against Trump & Other Voices of ‘Hate’

The latest reactions come after Mexican rock band Maná had seemingly stood alone last week as the only high-profile Latin act to speak publicly and passionately on the issue, denouncing Trump’s remarks at a Los Angeles concert.

Ricky Martin also denounced Trump for having “so much hatred and ignorance” in his heart.

The push-back from the Latino community and the petition could be very damaging to Trump’s presidential run. His brand has taken a major hit now that NBC just fired the president hopeful from ‘The Apprentice’

“At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values,” NBC said in a statement. “Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.”

Univsion and NBC will no longer air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants on its network either, both of which were part of a joint venture with Trump. NBC will retain the rights to Celebrity Apprentice, but Trump will no longer be involved.

Many expected Trump to drop out of the race in the fall and continue to do his show ‘The Apprentice’ but now that he doesn’t have that to fall back on we will see where this leave the business magnate, investor and would-be television personality, who is known to have more dollars than sense.


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