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Constance Malcolm Calls Bratton A ‘Bald Face Liar’

Bratton said the Justice Department told the NYPD to hold off on its investigation into Graham's death. Graham's mother says the DOJ told her otherwise.

Constance Malcolm, whose son Ramarley Graham was killed by an NYPD officer in 2012.

“We are calling for all office’s involved not just Haste and the sergeant all officers that was present and also the ones that assaulted my mom endangering my son,” Constance Malcolm, mother of Ramarley tell BW.

Councilmen Charles Barron and Constance Malcolm the mother of Ramarley Graham, moments before today's press conference at City Hall! [Black Westchester]

Councilmen Charles Barron & Constance Malcolm, mother of Ramarley Graham, moments before Thursday’s press conf. at City Hall! [Black Westchester]

NEW YORK — New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton is a “bald-faced liar,” the mother of Ramarley Graham charged Wednesday, claiming the commissioner lied about when the department could discipline the officers responsible for her unarmed son’s death four years ago, reported Huffington Post Black Voices

New York City Council Members Andy King, Robert Cornegy and Vanessa Gibson, among others, confirmed the commissioner told them the DOJ had made such a request.

Constance Malcolm the mother of Ramarley Graham called Commissioner Bratton – A BALD-FACED LIAR!, Thursday morning. The commissioner had informed the Graham Family that they were prevented from conducting an internal investigation because the Department of Justice was reviewing the case! When the family met with the department of justice concerning it’s decision on the case – they discovered this was not true!

“We now know that was a big lie that Bratton told,” Malcolm said Thursday at a press conference outside City Hall in lower Manhattan.

The Department of justice who just recently decided no “federal charges” would be issued – informed the Graham family no such directive was ever given to NYPD preventing them from conducting an internal investigation! The family is now demanding the officer be fired! Council woman Inez Barron says, if it is proven the commissioner lied concerning an official investigation, the commissioner himself should be fired!

“I was in the meeting with the DOJ,” Loyda Colon, a member of the advocacy group Justice Committee said. “They had no idea what we were talking about, saying they never said that to Bratton. There’s a lot of press out here today and we hope that you contact Bratton and ask him, ask him why he lied, why he lied to elected officials, why he lied to Ramarley Graham’s family, why he lied to New Yorkers.”

A letter was sent to Commissioner Bratton by the Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus. It was presented Thursday during the press conference regarding the DOJ refusal to bring “Federal Criminal Charges” in the murder of Ramarley Graham. They are demanding an investigation into the murder of Ramarley Graham by NYPD – who had claimed they were prevented from doing so because the DOJ was investigating. Now that the investigation is over and there shall be NO CHARGES demands are made requiring the officer be fired. On the left, are the names of those members within the City Council who endorse this investigation. To know and understand the type of “force” that is needed simply to demand an investigation, in the hopes that a “firing” shall occur, should give us all a “good understanding” of where we stand in terms of fighting for justice!


Community leaders and local activists are calling for everyone to meet them Friday afternoon for a rally at 1 Police Plaza to demand NYPD Officer Haste, who murdered Ramarley Graham in 2012 be fired.

“Now it is time to put extreme pressure on Bratton to fire Richard Haste,” a NYC activist for justice peace and equality for all, tells Black Westchester. “This man got away with murder. He should not keep this job and patrol our streets. He will be embolden and blood thirsty he is a threat to everyone everywhere. Calling on all labor unions, fraternities sorties, the faith-based communities, activist organizations elected officials political candidates, and justice seeking individuals to come together and work together and demand that Haste be fired with no pension join us tomorrow Friday at March 11th between 4-6:00 p.m. at 1 Police Plaza. Spread the word. Hashtag Ramarley Graham ‪#‎ramarleygraham‬.”

“Good leaders lead by example,” Frank Graham (father of Ramarley) tells BW. “and if this is the example the commissioner is setting, then it speaks to why the NYC Cops lie so much. They learn from there boss.”

Constance Malcolm tells BW they want the emphasize on all officers, not just Richard Haste who killed her son but, sergeant Scott Morris and all the officers involved, not just Richard Haste.

Danette Chavis is the CEO and Founder of the grass-roots organization, National Action Against Police Brutality and Murder contributed to this story


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