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Comptroller Reynolds Answers Allegations DPW Bills Not Being Paid

"Seems to be a hoax to me," Comptroller Reynolds shares.

Mount Vernon City Comptroller Deborah Reynolds released a 8 minute and 33 second YouTube video, Thursday, March 21st, titled Comptroller’s Facts to address recent allegations by Mayor Richard Thomas and various members of the Mount Vernon Department of Public Works about bills not being paid by the Comptroller.

In various news interviews and Facebook videos Mayor Thomas has made accusations that the comptroller hasn’t paid bills for parts, maintenance and tires for DPW trucks. There have also been attempted takeovers of the comptroller’s office by DPW and union worker reps. The Comptroller sat down for a video to explain to the residents what bills have been paid, what parts have been received and what trucks have been repaired in recent months. Calling the attacks on her office a HOAX and stating this is the same accusations Mayor Thomas made of her predecessor, Maureen Walker. Tired of all the allegations, Comptroller Reynolds decided to take it to the streets and address the residents directly.

You have seen the recent news coverage, the Facebook videos, the accusations, now watch the Comptroller’s video as she addresses all the allegations in full below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below on who you think is telling the truth to the public.

The video ends with the words, MORE FACTS TO COME.

we will be reaching out to the Comptroller’s office for copies of the documents and invoices she refers to in the video. Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story.


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