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Community Good News: The City of Mt Vernon: A Little Bit of Magic Carpet Ride

NewFlex Youth Programs  has been operating as a nonprofit for over 10 years out of the City of Mt Vernon NY.  The familial culture and plethora of achievers in Leadership, who love the Youth and Community has been the source of magic keeping a float what I’d like to think of as our “Magic Carpet Ride.” I express our journey metaphorically because had it not been for the support, through 3 eras of administration, NewFlex Youth Programs would not have had a such a strong leg to stand on.  

The generosity began with the Ernie Davis’ administration welcoming NewFlex Youth into the community Center which we made the home and headquarters for servicing hundreds of Community youth. We formed an alliance with the city facilitating weekly mentoring programs and more. In 2014, we also were able to share an appearance on GOOD MORNING AMERICA with the city, streaming live from that very headquarters they extended to us, The Doles Center.

The Thomas Administration proceeded and continued to support NewFlex simply by allowing us the autonomy to do what we do in creating programs, and further extended the space and constructional resource for NewFlex to work. During those years our Summer programs soared and we continued the  extension of operations in the Cecil H Parker Elemenatary where MOTHER GOOSE PUBLISHING had sponsored the new facility and basketball court for the program and community.

Finally our carpet now keeps a float under a new era of leadership and we are super excited (in spite of the current COVID times) because of the vision Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard possesses for youth and community: this evidenced by a resume of Community involvement and work fostered by this woman currently at the realm of leadership.  We see a most aggressive growth in programming in the immediate future.

NewFlex Youth Programs is truly blessed and we are grateful for a little bit of magic carpet ride. Thank you City of Mt Vernon NY. ​​

​Nesta Felix​
​NewFlex Youth Progra​ms


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