The Wait is Over … Premiere of Closing The Wealth Gap — October 28, 2021

As a follow up to America’s Open Wounds (AOW) – Episode 1: Law And Order which aired Friday, November 13, 2020, Episode 2: Closing the Wealth Gap (CWG) is finally here. Episode 2 will premiere Thursday, October 28th at 7:30PM, exclusively on Facebook ( and will shed light on the behind the scenes in the halls of congress, academia, and financial markets. 


We have reached a point in this extremely polarized democracy, where we have acknowledged that we are talking past each other.  In fact, if the year 2020 was any guide, the next two election cycles will be all about tribalism: feeding the base…no matter how extreme that may be. Some would argue that’s on both sides.

Yet, in this layered and nuance piece – Closing the Wealth Gap (CWG)– Episode 2 of Americas Open Wound ©, we are shooting for escape velocity. We are merging the historical 60’s and the contemporary. We are telling a story about story tellers that are national leaders in their individual sectors – politics, education, transportation, investment banking – talking about the difficult subject of closing the wealth gap. What sets this engagement apart from the rest, is that it goes beyond the base hit of reaching for mind share and meaningful debate.

“To be specific, CWG aims at moving the national needle in getting something done (i.e., a framework for solutions with a path forward), and that is the equivalent of escape velocity,” says Derickson K. Lawrence, executive producer of Americas Open Wound.

“As we take stock of our individual and collective contributions to this on-going experiment of democracy, it was intentional to lionize our lead storyteller, Majority Whip, Rep. James Clyburn – through the various chapters, as he talks about the challenges of championing historic policy initiatives. But that is also balanced by showcasing the unscripted human side and prowess of the other storytellers.

Episode 2 would not be complete without a sobering epilogue. In Closing the Wealth Gap, we warn of the contemporary forces and elements that nurture the thriving state of polarization; and the need for the people to remain vigilant to hold on to a functioning democracy.”

PREMIERE — October 28, 7:30 PM


  1. America’s Open Wound, Episode 2 – Closing the Wealth Gap is a masterful production with dynamic and insightful exchanges between the distinguished panelists.  Their presentations provide viable potential solutions to the long-standing and continuing problems of racial inequity, injustice, and disparity in wealth accumulation and economic power in the USA. 

This production is a must see for all who want justice and equity in the distribution of wealth and economic power in America. 

Robert L. Turman, Esq. 

  1. “Invest 60 minutes into this video…it will give you new perspectives and workable solutions to the “Wealth Gap”. Want to add to your knowledge base when having “Wealth Gap” conversations, (then) listen to these recognized personalities from academia, business, and the public sector for ideas that will give you new appreciation of what has been done and what must be done to reduce the “GAP”.  

Carroll S. Little