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Clinton Young, The Six Percent Man, Is No Political Mastermind by Helena R. Edwards

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So, it’s my understanding that Clinton Young, the Six Percent man, is attempting to launch a Democratic Insurgency to defeat the Democratic Nominee! Clinton, you may be an excellent technocrat, I will give you that, but a great political mastermind, you certainly are not. What is it with you washed up politicians? You don’t seem to know when it’s time to leave “well enough” alone. You mean to tell me that you were on the school board and on the County Legislature where you were a proxy for many of the racists in Westchester that relocated all of the poor blacks from “Lilly White” areas to Mount Vernon in exchanged for kickbacks, but now that you can no longer trade favors, your “friends” have no more use for you?

Don’t feel too bad Clinton. Blacks have had an overwhelming number of “sellouts” wannabe power brokers who trade the votes of their own black people for a seat at the racists’ tables, and when these sambos no longer have influence to sell black people, they are discarded like soiled toilet paper. The racists move onto the next sellout to do their bidding.

I know you may feel somewhat disappointed because you really thought that these upper Westchester elite dwellers that used to smoke cigars with you were your friends. If they were really your friends, they would have created a little “patronage” position for you. Your mistake was in not realizing that psychopaths have no consciences, so they will value you as long as you can deliver. Unfortunately, you now lack the power to broker the votes of the poor black people in Mount Vernon and the masters no longer have need for you.

As a Moorehouse man, try to preserve a bit of your dignity. Don’t walk down the same path as Ernie. Let it go Clinton. Give the new sheriff a chance to do his thing. Hopefully he would have learned from the mistakes you and others made and not use Mount Vernon voters as leverage to empower those of other races. If he does, then he too will one day end up where you are. There is a book titled, ‘Congo Jack’ that I think you will find interesting while you enjoy your wonderful retirement in reflection of what might have been..


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