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BW Exclusive Interview With Former Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young

With Black Westchester Correspondent A'tif K. Coleman

Former Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young chops it up with Black Westchester – Mount Vernon Correspondent A’tif K. Coleman to discuss everything from Memorial Field, the old Keyfoods in Fleetwood, Target’s involvement in the Memorial Field renovations, the current state of Mount Vernon politics, whether he will be running in 2020 and more…



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3 Comments on BW Exclusive Interview With Former Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton I. Young

  1. Charles Stephenson // October 1, 2018 at 9:52 AM //

    Very well done interview. Atif did a good job. I appreciated his intelligent questions and the dialogue between he and former Mayor Clinton Young. I, as most Mt. Vernon natives, have fond memories of Memorial Field and this interview did a great deal to answer long awaited questions. Black Westchester is a excellent vehicle to spread news pertaining to issues in and around Mt. Vernon. Atif has a great future and I look forward to hearing more from him. As Clinton said, it is now time for your generation to step up, excellent first step!

  2. This was a very well done interview. Bro A’tif K. Coleman created an atmosphere that asked relevant and pressing questions that were able to allow a refreshing political dialog. The last 12 years of leadership in Mount Vernon has not had smooth transitions because of the varying levels of leadership styles.
    Former Mayor Clinton Young gave an account of implemented plans that were a benefit to Mount Vernon. The interview style was like, as I remember, Tony Brown’s Journal…. No Drama but a politically mature conversation. Looking forward to the next one you do, I think we are seeing our new face of news….Thank you.

  3. Great interview A’Tif !! Your “Ed Bradley” face/exterior/delivery was excellent. As AJ stated on PBP ur going places. I see u as the next Ed Bradley in ur journalist journey … Stay positive in ur quest!!
    I enjoyed the interview, which was very informative, I just wanted more … As an entertainer, the FIRST thing we were taught starting out was “Always leave ur audience WANTING MORE !!” U did that – Job well done young brother, job well done!!

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