June 8, 2023
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Black Preachers Collectively Endorse Richard Thomas For Mayor

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Mount Vernon — Thursday afternoon at City Hall, Black Clergy from across Mount Vernon, came together to endorse Richard Thomas for Mayor.

“Richard Thomas is the person to take this city forward,” said Rev. Stephen Pogue. “Great vision and great enthusiasm will take this city forward again and I am asking people to come out November 3rd to vote for Richard Thomas for Mayor to Unite our City together.”

Other members of the United Black Clergy also spoke out in support of Richard Thomas for Mayor, included Bishop Edwers and Rev. Ronell Fuller, who led the crowd in a chant of “Unite our City” as t-shirts were passed out to children and their parents containing the same message.

Richard Thomas revealed his vision of the church and state working together. As Mayor, he would create an Office of Engagement that will rely on the input of the church leaders. “I look forward to going to each one of the 400 churches as Mayor and getting a sense of the work that you do…churches are a place of refuge and healing and I want to not only meet with you, but your members to help build a better relationship with the city.”

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