Clergy Comes Out Strong In Support Of Rev. Mulraine For NYS Senate

Bronx NY — Dozens of Local Clergy members came out strong to support one of their own, Rev. Edward Mulraine, Pastor of Unity Baptist Tabernacle (101 So. 2nd Avenue, Mt. Vernon) who announced his candidacy for New York State Senate, Thursday morning. A few dozen black preachers filled the Pelham Bay Diner to show their support verbally and financially at the late morning fundraising breakfast.

Since the Senatorial candidate who is hoping to unseat, Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, has yet to have an official press conference to formally announce he is running, he made sure, there was no question of his intention with the room of clergy. “I am running for the New York State Senate, not just thinking about running I am definitely running,” Rev. Mulraine states.

After the breakfast Mulraine made a brief pit stop of the Interfaith Bronx Clergy Luncheon in Co-Op City, where he gave the closing prayer.

  • I think it is a shame that the Black Clergy in such a small city as Mt Vernon are so politically minded and motivated. The church should be concentrating on helping to tackle the negativity involving drugs and gun and other family issues that has crippled the progress of this town.for a very long time. The political support of certain clergymen in Mt Vernon New York is nothing more than the support Politics is a blatant liar, a thief and a perpetrator, and any support or sudden second fiddle for self opportunity signifies the intention to join the forces of evil that ultimately breaks down communities, as much as Mt Vernon remains a victim. The e rule of thumb is, “If you come to Rome, you must do as the Romans do. Actually one city councilman once told me that he went along the wrong line and voted for a property tax increase because he did not want to portray the bad guy attitude as a newly elected person. Is that the correct way to feel or act? No, but it continues anyway for the sole purpose of accomplishing selfish goals that truly does not benefit the community. This minister certainly has the option to be a senatorial candidate, but in essence he is robbing the church of the mission to which he was called, if he was really.

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