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The Clash of Generations: A New Political Outlook Needed for Blacks in Westchester

The public Malay between Damon K. Jones and Reginald Lafayette can be seen as the clash of generations. The first generation, Chairman Lafayette who is satisfied with the conditions of Mount Vernon and other Black communities throughout Westchester and the second, Jones who sees much-needed change for our communities and is not satisfied with the status quo of things.

If we didn’t think it would happen, but it was bound to happen and it did!

What are our responsibilities as leaders, parents and role models to push back against political bosses making nominating and endorsing a candidate, that admittedly committed a crime and openly act like it nothing, to continue to hold office. In other city or municipality, an average person with the same crime would not be employed? But no other city or municipality would openly endorse the candidate that have admitted to a crime and that is currently part of the system. Unfortunately, for the City of Mt. Vernon, we have plantation politics everyone is a slave to a promise or a kickback.

As I have said many time before, many young people feel a disconnect from what is considered by Westchester so-called elite as leadership. When our cities are literally dying of resources for families to actually maintain a productive lifestyle, our so call leaders flaunt materialistic means to say they made it, but in reality its fraud, because they sold their soul and the collateral damage is the black community that is now in ruin.

What kind leader is Lafayette to admonish candidates’ formal request of accountability of the political process in Mt. Vernon and Westchester County? If we cannot hold our own to a high moral standard in leadership and act accordingly in leadership positions, then we shouldn’t expect other ethnic groups to respect our leadership.

I have said it before, “Government as an Organized economy is as dangerous as government as an organized mob.” Our young people see our leaders no differently than the gangs that our leaders claim to despise or use as an excuse for their ineffectiveness to communicate with today’s Black youth. So the Bloods and Crips are just little gangs imitating their bigger counterparts;  the Democrats, the Republicans.

While some readers would say, what took place and was caught on News 12 for the county to see, was insulting, others are delighted that somebody actually stood up to Lafayette. All I can say is lets check the record of performance of our Democratic Leadership by the conditions of our institutions in our cities. Should we be proud of them? Are they actually productive institutions that are sustaining a safe, sacred and busy city?

Better yet, lets check are Democratic leadership’s record on “Social Justice”. How about their  position on Homelessness, Poverty, or even Police Brutality. While our leadership rides around in drop top Mercedes and lives a good life from a political slush fund. There are thousands of families throughout Westchester who faithfully vote Democrat, that have no place to live or cannot predict where there next meal will come from.

We have continued to watch Lafayette, Davis and others continue to use racism or the oppressive “White Man” as a scapegoat when there are critical analysis of their performance or actions in the Black community. They would like to say that “WE” would not be “Here” without their sacrifice. While their claim may have some truth to it, the younger generation looks around, the “Here and Now.” We are still fighting the same fight, we are living in a segregated Westchester,  our communities are in worse conditions and when the leadership is questioned, they are disrespectful to those who question their position of authority on the issue.

This is why younger voters in 30’s and 40’s see the main  political parties and many Black politicians as more interested in self-preservation by staying in office so they can receive state pensions than real change in public policy for the betterment and advancement of the people. We have watched as politics that have decimated the black family, perpetuated poverty and created failing schools systems that we no longer want to send our children to.

At the end of the day, how long do you think we; the younger generation will stand by and allow you to make mockery of the political process? How long do you think young adults from 25-50 will stand by before realizing that you are leaving no future for them and their children?

We respect our elders, we compliment you on your accomplishments, but we will not be disrespected by you and will fight if we have to for the change that’s needed for the future of our families.

We say “ All Votes Matters” because we now understand that the power is in who controls the political process. The reality is it’s not who you support, but those that control who you support.


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