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Elections Are Won On Election Day With… Cheating In The Polling Places!

Letter To The Editor From Helena R. Edwards

B9318014433Z.1_20150710071904_000_GGRBA0D6F.1-0LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let me be clear. I have witnessed FRAUD at the polling station with my own two eyes. In 1998, I caught one of the poll workers (a black woman) at the polling place at Asbury Methodist Church giving the sample Democratic Party Ballet to an old black lady who was easily bamboozled.

She handed her the ballot and told her to vote for the numbers associated with the candidates’ names. She did not know who I was and was surprised when I went ballistic on her and called her a “witch.” I told her I was going to call Lisa Copeland at City Hall. I called, but never got Lisa.

Meanwhile, she was saying that I called her a “bitch.” I told her I said “witch” but if she thought that other word was more befitting to suit herself. I just want to put you all on notice that the cheating happens inside the polling places with the poll workers hired by Reggie Lafayette.

These poll workers are beholding to him. This is the main reason Reggie’s positions are significant conflicts of interest that continues corruption… You may quote me on that!!

-Helena R. Edwards


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