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Charlamagne Says “I Feel A Little Bad” For Releasing Audio Of Floyd Mayweather Reading

Charlamagne (Tha God) started to feel bad about releasing the audio of Floyd Mayweather struggling to read. He didn’t realize adult illiteracy was such a prevalent issue and was taken aback about blasting Mayweather lack of an ability to read a radio spot.
“The Breakfast Club” co-host released the audio to his audience last week — claiming that’s his job.
“In hindsight I feel a little bad, only because he was recording drops for us,” the Power 105.1 personality added. “I guess that was supposed to be a private thing but you can’t un-ring a bell. My job is to benefit the listeners first and foremost, entertain the listeners first and foremost, and to get ratings. You can’t get ratings without listeners. So I wanna do things that the listeners enjoy even though you may hate me for it or you may love me for that.” Charlamagne told HipHopdx.
Charlamagne only felt a little bad. He said it’s his job to share with his audience — after his show was able to back up 50 Cent‘s claim about Mayweather’s illiteracy.
“I super-serve my listeners. When I hear 50 Cent saying that the man can’t read. I don’t know what 50’s talking about. So when my producer comes to me and says, ‘Hey, we got audio of Floyd reading,’ and I listen to it, my first thought is, ‘The listeners need to hear this,’” he said to

[wpvideo vJQpVJxh]

He added, “Don’t feel sorry for the villains” — saying that Mayweather as a villain had it coming for many mean (trifling) things he had done.


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