Charity Begins At Home! Letter to the Editor By Helena Edwards

Good Morning my fellow Americans. Thank you for electing a president who vows to put America FIRST. This morning some are happy and others might be sad, but the bottom line is, in a competition, there is always a winner and a loser.

The good news this time is, America is the biggest winner because it now has a president that vows to put America and Americans first. There is absolutely nothing selfish about that. There is a saying that “charity begins at home.” For much too long America has been extremely charitable to others while those at home suffer.

Many people who, no doubt only see race, will attempt to label America and Americans racist for electing President Donald J Trump. But, if America is racist for electing Trump, it must also be racist for electing Obama. It is time we all stop judging others based on race. It is solely a Social Construct and not a category based on “blood” nor “genes.” An ancestryDNA test will no doubt support this fact.

President Elect Trump is no angel nor is he a demon. As humans, we are all angels and demons. So, let us all give him a chance. He has not been accused of killing anyone so those of you who are spreading folly of death and destruction, please recognize where that message is coming from – your own minds.

Let us all unite as Americans in putting America FIRST. It’s like a divorce. If the parents don’t like each other, but they love the children, they will put their personal feelings aside and collaborate for the best interest of the children. Likewise, Americans must collaborate to build a stronger and better America for all our future.

We have lots of issues to tackle and we need all hands on deck to solve our problems. Thousands of black men are killed in so-called ghettos of America by other black men. No one seems to have inherent fear of this, but there seems to be great fear of KKK or so-called racist whites killing blacks. Let us all take a vacation from the emotionalism and focus on reality.

All lives must matter in America and a black murderer must be repudiated with the same energy as a white murderer. Let’s remove race from the equation because it is an obstacle to proper identification of many of the problems that we face. Thus, without proper identification and definition of problems, solutions are difficult to achieve.

Again, I remind you that “charity begins at home.” We live in America. We are not Africans. We are not Europeans, although a majority of us are amalgamations . Let us act as Americans and work to heal the hyphenated divisions. Infinite love to ALL…