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Kenneth Chamberlain Jr Responded To Fed Decision To Close Case: “I Will Fight Until My Last Breath.”

To the City of White Plains N.Y. I will fight until my last breath. I will find a way or make one #Justice4KennethChamberlainJr, Chamberlain Jr posted on Facebook, Friday

White Plains — The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced it will not pursue federal charges in the 2011 Summary Execution of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. by White Plains police officers, but his son vows to continue his fight for justice. The Department of Justice announced Thursday it was closing its investigation into the Nov. 19, 2011, incident at the Winbrook Houses public housing complex because there was insufficient evidence to pursue federal charges.

“The weight of the evidence indicates that, at the time the shooting took place, the WPPD officers believed that Mr. Chamberlain was threatening Sergeant (Keith) Martin with a knife and that Officer (Anthony) Carelli believed that Sergeant Martin was in danger of being seriously injured by Mr. Chamberlain,” the office said in a statement.

To add insult to injury, this decision is the latest of events that have left the the Chamberlain family searching for justice. Nov. 17, 2016, two days before the 5 year anniversary of the killing of Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr, a Westchester County grand jury’s decided not to indict the officers rejecting a $21 million federal civil lawsuit filed by the family. Despite the frustration, the family is determined to continue their fight for justice.

“The problem with the DOJ’s decision to close the case surrounding my father’s death is with the law, itself and not the evidence,” Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., shared with Black Westchester, Friday morning. “Federal Prosecutors and the Court only focus was on the last seconds where all the witnesses, who are of course all police, testified and alleged that my father posed an imminent threat to life. But if we are to truly look at all of the evidence then we see that the police created the situation with their lack of professionalism, disrespectful, egotistical and racist behavior that was all disallowed. This is why if we are to truly affect change we need new laws which means we need reform minded judge’s prosecutors who truly believe in rule of law because it clearly was not adhered to in this case. Also this decision has absolutely nothing to do with the appeal and I intend to keep fighting to my very last breath….”

Stay tuned to Black Westchester as we will continue to follow this story. Click here to read DOJ Statement in its entirety.





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