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Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., Questions WPPD’s Sincerity of Strengthening Relationships With Black Community

White Plains – The White Plains Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association posted a picture on their Facebook page about their mobile response team training rain or shine, Thursday, Oct 13th. Community activist Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., who has been fighting for police reform and better police-community relations since his father was killed by the WPPD, November 19, 2011 looked at their post and the comments posted below it as a slap in the face.

The mission of The PBA is to be committed to preserving the health, safety and welfare of all of its members and to continue to encourage and strengthen relationships between it’s members and the residents of the City of White Plains according to their Facebook page but Chamberlain, Jr., shares with Black Westchester they have never shown up when invited to have a conversation with the community at the Thomas H. Slater Community Center.

“This is not about the officers in this picture because they are following directives,” Kenneth Chamberlain Jr tells BW, “what this is about is the current leadership in this city of White Plains and department. Since the MURDER of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., I have made a conscious effort to strengthen the relationship in a positive way with the White Plains Police Department and the Black and Hispanic community.”

He asked the question how can you be ‘continue to encourage and strengthen relationships between it’s members and the residents of the City of White Plains’ when you will not even sit down with all the members and residents of the City of White Plains?

“I have held forum’s, panel discussions, Q&A, what to do if stopped by law enforcement or how to survive a law enforcement encounter,” Chamberlain Jr continues. “Something as simple as having the Deputy Commissioner who was at that time the Police Chief, come to the Slater Center in White Plains to have a conversation with the people who seem to be affected the most by Police Misconduct, Brutality, and Criminality was always turned down with excuse after excuse and yet I can attend an event in a more affluent neighborhood and see them there.”



Friday the WPPBA shared the White Plains Public Safety postOur members are dedicated to fair and impartial policing. This year, in-service training reinforced that mantra and Police Supervisors In-Service Training in session today. Today’s instruction – Fair & Impartial Policing: Implicit Bias Training. Chamberlain questions the motive of their new training.

“I have always stated that we don’t have to talk about Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. but we can work towards preventing anymore Kenneth Chamberlain Sr’s from happening,” Chamberlain Jr., shares with BW. “So now I hope the people of this city and beyond understand my concern when you can not meet to work on positive resolutions but you can conduct MRT Training in anticipation of the upcoming trial as if there will be violence which has never happened at any rally or protest that I have been a part of.”

“Again I am not now nor have I ever been anti-law enforcement, I am anti-individuals who feel they can do whatever they want to whomever they want. Remember this is not a Black-vs-White thing which some people are trying to turn it into, it’s an accountability thing and I have no hate in my heart for anyone. What I hate is the system that those who commit these acts have been permitted to operate under.”

When I asked Kenneth Chamberlain Jr is he had any last words he said “#Justice4KennethChamberlainSr.” and then smiled and added “#IthinkINeedABodyguard”


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