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Celebrating Malcolm X

Sunday, May 19th would have been the 94th birthday of Malcolm X – el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz. Every years during Black History Month and in January in observation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday we hear a plethora on popular speeches especially the one they love to force feed u every year about him having a dream (which is not what his speech was originally titled) but rarely does mainstream media or even our own Black media and radio play the speeches of Malcolm X. This year Black Westchester shares some of the speeches of Malcolm X for you to listen to at your leisure. While the observation of his birthday is not a national holiday, it should be looked at as important for us as a people to reflect on what Malcolm meant to us and celebrate his accomplishments. Here are 10 Inspiring Quotes From Malcolm X.

Here’s one I suggest everyone check out titled “The Ballot or The Bullet,” a speech by Malcolm X mostly about black nationalism delivered in April 1964. You can also hear a snippet of this speech in the opening of The People Before Politics Radio Show every Sunday. “The Ballot or The Bullet” by Malcolm X was a challenge to blacks to practice black nationalism. He wants black people to practice their constitutional right to vote. It makes his audience more enthusiastic about Malcolm X’s subject matter. In the speech “The Ballot or the Bullet”, Malcolm, uses pathos as an appeal and explores black nationalism as a rhetorical strategy to bring recognition to racial inequality, voting rights, and civil rights.

Any Means Necessary

While much has changed since Malcolm X was alive, it’s amazing how some of his speeches could be used to describe conditions today, like the Black Lives Matter movement marching and protesting against young black males being brutally killed by the police…


Pacific Radio-WBAI –New York will devote the entire day that is May 19th to Malcolm X as it often has in the past.

At the 7pm hour, MXCC’s founding press officer Zayid Muhammad will join guest host Professor William Sales, author of the highly lauded book ‘From Civil Rights To Black Liberation:Malcolm X And The Organization of AfroAmerican Unity,’ and his co-convenor of the much heralded Malcolm X Speaks in the 90’s Conferences Professor Abdul Alkalimat.

Those proceeding of these conferences and all manner of background on Malcolm are available online at

Another way to celebrate Brother Malcolm is



 On Sunday, May 19th, the world will come to New York to observe the 94th birth anniversary of Malcolm X!

The central activity for that historic observation will be the annual pilgrimage to his gravesite. The Malcolm X Commemoration Committee (MXCC) and the Sons of Afrika will again co-host the Organization of Afro-American Unity’s (OAAU) Annual Pilgrimage to his Gravesite!

At 9am, participants will assemble at the Harlem State Office Building located at 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard to prepare to caravan to Malcolm’s gravesite at Ferncliff Cemetery in Ardsley, NY. The bus and car caravan will leave Harlem promptly at 9:30am for the Cemetery!

Tickets for the busses going up to the Cemetery are $9 for adults and $4 for children. Families and groups wishing to ride should call in advance to make reservations at 718 512 5008 or email at

The endearing and inspirational gravesite ceremony was conceived and developed shortly after his death by the late Ella Little-Collins, Malcolm’s older sister who was with him in the OAAU. Largely unknown to most, it was Ella Little-Collins who actually kept the OAAU going for at least five years after the assassination of her legendary little brother. The organization has faithfully maintained this pilgrimage on an annual basis through the leadership of Baba James Small for all of those 54 years!

In 1993, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee, under the leadership of the late Baba Herman Ferguson, a founding member of the OAAU and former political prisoner himself, made a commitment to grow the pilgrimage. Since then, the pilgrimage has grown exponentially, drawing participants from all along the northeast coast from Boston to Washington, DC.

Over the past three years, the Africana Institute of Essex County College in Newark, NJ, and Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood, the beloved successor to Muslim Mosque Inc., each have made their added local commitments to participate in the pilgrimage. The Africana Institute sends two busloads of young people to participate. Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood has begun observing its Ziyaara Ashahadafayn, or ‘their gravesite visitation and Quranic chanting to praise Allah and appreciate the need to prepare for the next life in honor of Malcolm X.’

Other key activities of the day will include the annual closing down of stores on 125th Street and memorial observation forums at the Shabazz Center and at the Schomburg.

“We are very proud of our role in growing the pilgrimage,” said Zayid Muhammad, MXCC’s founding press officer…


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