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Candice Owens, the NRA, the Blind leading the Blind to White Washed Historical Misinformation

Prostitution of White Supremacy will be the downfall of Black Millennials if they fail to know History

Historically there are always black people that will believe and proselytize the rhetoric of our oppressor. These are infiltrators of the black community. It is their job to preach rhetoric to misinform the masses of those who don’t know. It is our job as conscious black people to call them out, expose the devil in our mist because a lie told long enough, without correction, becomes the truth. 

This is the case of Candice Owens and her fairytale, fake historical account that the National Rifle Association was created as a civil rights organization and trained Black people to arm themselves. Ms. Owens stated this historical fallacy in an interview on Fox News. 

By no means that this is any defense of the Democratic Party. Yes, they have their issues of institutional racism. But, if your black, and you pimp old lies about black peoples struggle,   I don’t care what side of the political aisle you are on; if you lie in public, you should be checked in society. 

Before we get into the historical facts of the NRA. This article is not about the fundamental rights of individuals to carry firearms. This article is about addressing Candice Owens bald-faced lie on the relationship of the NRA and the Black struggle in America. 

First, I think Candice Owens is Koo, Koo for coco puffs. A female Stepping Fetched, who’s has immersed herself in a white wing con game that the Massa ice is colder.  Second, I give her credit that a black woman would sit on national television and tell a bald-faced lie with so much honesty in her face. Third, I honestly feel bad that she has sold her soul so early in life to vomit telling bold face historical lies to influence young people and some foolish old black people that these traditional biased institutions. 

Now that we got that out of the way let’s address historical facts that just a google search would expose Ms. Owens irresponsible and false account of the NRA.  

The sad thing a just Ms. Owens statement is that anyone could only do a straightforward search to find out she’s not telling the truth. Just go on the NRA website, and you’ll see that there is no mention of the NRA organized over the concerns of Black People and the civil rights movement. 

The website states: 

Dismayed by the lack of marksmanship shown by their troops, Union veterans Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate formed the National Rifle Association in 1871. The primary goal of the association would be to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis,” according to a magazine editorial written by Church.

Psychology professor’s article: A January 2013 article by psychology professor Warren Throckmorton of Grove City College in Grove City, Pa., not only doesn’t support Alford’s claim, it disputes it.

Throckmorton noted that the NRA’s website makes no mention of the KKK or getting guns in the hands of newly freed slaves. He said he found no evidence in the early charter of the NRA, or the biographies of the founders, either.

There is no mention of helping or assisting free slaves to fight the KKK. Brief histories of the NRA by The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post contain no remarks of the NRA helping Black people. 

Ms. Owens wants us to believe that the NRA was benevolent to blacks to bamboozle black people into believing that racism is a nonexistent factor in the belief and policies that organizations like the NRA support. 

History also proves Ms. Owens wrong on the NRA’s stance to support of Gun laws in the 1960s. 

According to UCLA Law Professor, Adam Winkler, in contrast to the NRA’s political opposition to gun control in today’s America, the organization fought alongside the government for stricter gun regulations in the 1960s. The NRA played a role to keep guns out of the hands out of Blacks in the ’60s in response to the growing racial unrest and the awakening of the Black Power Movement. As racial tensions in the nation grew. The NRA was especially threatened by the Black Panthers, who was photographed and, on the news, carrying weapons in public spaces exercising their right to carry firearms because it was legal in the state of California, where they were based.

The Panthers’ methods provoked an immediate backlash. The day of their statehouse protest, lawmakers said the incident would speed enactment of Mulford’s gun-control proposal. Mulford himself pledged to make his bill even more stringent, and he added a provision barring anyone but law enforcement from bringing a loaded firearm into the state capitol.

In a later press conference, then-Governor Ronald Reagan said he didn’t “know of any sportsman who leaves his home with a gun to go out into the field to hunt or for target shooting who carries that gun loaded.” The Mulford Act, he said, “would work no hardship on the honest citizen.” No historical evidence supports Ms. Owens claims that the NRA fought for gun rights for Black People.

But here’s an unknown fact. According to Winkler. The Black Panthers were “innovators” in the way they viewed the Second Amendment at the time.  I stress of focusing on the idea of self-defense in the home, the Black Panthers brazenly took their weapons to the streets, where they felt the public—particularly African-Americans—needed protection from a corrupt government.

“These ideas eventually infiltrated into the NRA to shape the modern gun debate,” explains Winker. As gun control laws swept the nation, the organization adopted a similar stance to that of the activist group they once fought to regulate, with support for open-carry laws and concealed weapon laws high on their agenda. 

So basically, the NRA stole the idea and concept of the Second Amendment from the Black Panthers, the same organization NRA plotted with Ronald Reagan to keep from having firearms. 

Ms. Owens also failed to do her due diligence to find out or just blinded to the fact that the NRA is not so generous or sensitive to families of victims of gun violence. In the wake of many mass murders across the country, the organization has had no response. According to a Daily News report, months after pretending to empathize with a Harlem mother, Mrs. Jackie Rowe-Adams whose two sons were victims of fatal shootings. The National Rifle Association’s CEO Wayne LaPierre was a no-show at a rally against gun violence in Harlem, New York which NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Rep. Charlie Rangel attended. Mr. LaPierre gave his word to work with Harlem mothers that children have been killed by gun violence. “I feel it’s disrespectful of him to say he was going to work with Harlem mothers, and he never answered any of our calls,” Jackie Rowe-Adams told the Daily News. “That is rude and unforgettable and unforgivable.”

Has Ms. Owens forgotten; the that the NRA has remained silent on the shooting of Philando Castile? Castile, a Black man,  was shot and killed in a Saint Paul, Minn., suburb last summer by a Falcon Heights police officer, after telling the police officer he had a license to carry a firearm. The one chance the NRA gets to support a black man for legally carrying a firearm, even after cries of Black NRA members, the NRA remained silent. 

As Black people, we have to question with the many Black national gun clubs like the National African American Gun Association or the Black Owners Association. Why would Ms. Owens pick the National Rifle Association? Why would she pick an organization that has no history in support of Black people and have the unmitigated gall to lie on national television her choice and the history as it relates to black people and our struggle?  Malcolm X gave us the answer decades ago! 

Malcolm X explained the actions of Black leaders in his pivotal speech “The Ballot or The Bullet.” In the speech, Min. Malcolm X warned Black America by stating, “That same white man knowing that your eyes are wide open will send another negro into the community telling you to support him so he could use them to lead us astray…We are still not hearing him!


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