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Candace Hill – The World’s Fastest Girl

Running a 10.9 she broke a national record, an American junior record, and the world youth best.


At 16, when most teens are keeping up with the Kardashians, this high schooler bears the title of the fastest youth track star in the world. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, though she hoped for a spot on the U.S. track and field team for the 2020 Olympics, she may join as early as next year, according to CNN. She’s been compared to Usain Bolt due to her insane speed and long strides.

The Rockdale County High-Schooler who knows that Rio is a little over a year away says, “2020 was the year I would actually try and want to make the [U.S. Olympic] team. When my coach threw in 2016 I was like, maybe that’s too early but you never know. I might show up and, you know, win. But it’s hard to think about right now because I’m only a sophomore.”

When asked about how she feels when she’s running Hill said, It feels great, It just feels like nobody can catch me. I’m just in that zone and it’s a great feeling.”

Hill also stated, “When I broke both state records in my freshman year, that’s when I was like, I’m killing it out there. I have a future in this sport — I can make it really far if I just work hard and stay humble.”

This young woman is on her way just on wisdom alone and backed with such and incredible talent we are witnessing history being made. Hills 100m dash at the Brooks PR Invitational in Seattle last month made her the first 16-year-old ever to go under 11 seconds.

Camdace Hills response to the time was extremely modest, “So the official came up and was like, ‘Do you know what you just ran? You just ran a 10.9!’ I was like it had to be illegal.

“The clock had to be broken or something was wrong because I could not run 10.9. But they made it official, and they were like you broke a national record, an American junior record, you’re the world youth best. It was just so incredible.”

Elder, who has been Candace coach since the 8th grade stated, “She has improved a great deal over the past two years. I see her getting better and better every week,” he said.

“What she’s doing is something that a guy would be doing her age … an elite track boy would be doing the stuff that she is doing.”I think she will be able to participate in multiple Olympic games and win gold medals, along with the world championships. I also think that she could become one of the best Olympic female runners ever.”

Another incredible fact about this young woman is her academic excellence is just as important to her as excelling athletically. When asked about what courses she’s most fond of Hill says, “My favorite classes would have to be either Chemistry or Research. I feel like Chemistry is hard, but we do a lot of labs and stuff, so the labs are fun. We do a lot of labs in Research as well, and working on projects with partners as well. It’s pretty fun.”

If she’s not on your radar yet you better pay close attention, she definitely is next up!


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