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C.O.P. (Criminal Of Permission) – Jay Fleadaddie Jon [Music Video]

Just when I think it is absolutely safe to officially throw in the towel and stop looking for something of substance in hip-hop, something like this gives a brother a glimmer of hope. Everyone talking about where are the artists outrage of whats happening. Well this morning Cynthia Turnquest-Jones,  the Sistah Soljourner of Westchester sent me this video about a young man, Jay Fleadaddie Jon rapping about the recent acts of police criminality going on in our community nationwide and I have to post it and share it with you. This song is called C.O.P. (Criminal Of Permission). He could be eapping about drugs, guns, girls and cars but instead talks about how the cops are killing our people with permission. Check out the video and holla back in the comment section with ya feedback.

Warning: Song Contain
Explicit Lyrics

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14 Comments on C.O.P. (Criminal Of Permission) – Jay Fleadaddie Jon [Music Video]

  1. This is so true! They need to start playing real shit like this on the radio and tv instead of all that fake rapping they doing now days seen like all they talk about now is guns pussy ass and weed! So I respect you for this one hopefully most cops will see this and open up there eyes!!!!

  2. “You commit crimes just like everybody else, you just do this shit with permission” 

  3. Chris Ramchandran // September 11, 2014 at 7:43 PM //

    This guy a hero cops have no reason to shot people they are supposes to protect us but they kill us what the fuck is there problem you should just should kill us

  4. Dope

  5. unfortunately I see with the way cops get off the hook, I can see civil war upon us which sucks unless something is done. people are going to get tired of the abuse and strife per will Stand up

  6. Christobal Soto // September 11, 2014 at 5:46 PM //

    wow this song is powerful! needs to be shared with everyone

  7. Too many people are being brutalized by the ones that vow to serve and protect us and there getting away with it. GO VIRAL!

  8. I respect you man

  9. This cat can spit


  11. More songs need to be real like this. I’m so sick and tired of the same pushy popping Anaconda bullshit the radio plays… no substance!

  12. Its about time somebody is bold enough to rap about. This is why I love

  13. I swear this really touches you. We need to get this on the news, anywhere so people can see it

  14. This song speaks the truth about the cops

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