BW’s Priscilla Echi Speaks On Poverty Rally & Poverty In Westchester From A Mother’s Point Of View

Catherine Borgia, County Legislator for Ossining- The Only One of 17 Invited Elected Officials To Attend Poverty In Westchester Rally [Black Westchester]
(White Plains, NY) Its 11am, Saturday morning and despite the fact that’s pouring rain outside, people of all ethnicities came together and filled White Plains Presbyterian Church for The Westchester Peoples Assembly Against Poverty. To address the concerns of poverty in Westchester, all 17 elected officials in the County Legislators Office were invited, sadly only one showed up, Catherine Borgia legislator for Ossining.

One quote that came to mind by Marian Wright Edelman, “The question is not whether we can afford to invest in every child, it’s whether we can afford not to.”

As a mom of two boys who after a tragic fire had to utilize the reduced lunch list for my children, I was extremely interested on what they’re doing to combat the big P. I honestly have never heard it being addressed especially, by our elected officials. Ever. If ‘We The People’ came out in what monsoon-like rain, where are those who we put in office to speak up on our behalf and rectify these issues??? Or at least begin dialogue to help spark change. All the jargon they fill us with to get them elected… After all they do care about us (heavy sarcasm).

They also say actions ensure your never fooled by words.

10155399_10204730589286882_3716953842664992109_nIrregardless of the low elected official turn out, the energy of the people was pretty incredible. Community Voices Heard spoke to real issues like affordable housing and ban the box. Everyone deserving of a second chance, this would prevent employers from asking for consent to do a criminal background check, which often times leads to denial of employment and adds to the poverty pile.
Since income has pretty much stagnated for the middle class that hasn’t recovered since the 2007 recession, how do we truly resolve poverty in our community? Which of these officials that we have elected into office have made this a part of their campaign or even support policies that are helping to change it? Hopefully the rally wasn’t a clear indication of what’s being done, if it is, changes need to be made and people need to be held accountable.
Progress is impossible without change. Community Voices Heard, People Before Politics Radio, and Black Westchester has taken the first step to bring awareness, the second step is acceptance, until our officials accept that this is a valid issue that slowly chips away from the American dream, and poignant enough to come out in the rain to address change will be EXTREEMLY difficult. Moving forward.. Ask questions, call your officials often to demand answers, change, their presence and most importantly,

Register to vote.

Kudos to those who made it out in the rain to advocate for change.
Priscilla Echi

About Priscilla Echi: Priscilla Echi provides communication support for Urban Soul Media Group (Black Westchester & People Before Politics Radio Show). She has worked in the High End Costumer Service Management and Non Profit arena for over 15 years. She has also been around music & fashion for over 20 years. This experience has given her distinctive vision and deep appreciation for how communication through media and non-profit work when managed well, can improve the quality of life in our region, one program at a time.