BW Player of The Week: Zavion Vassel Scores First Touchdown As Knights Win Inaugural Game At Newly Renovated Memorial Field

Mount Vernon Knights Senior Zavion Vassel scored the first touchdown in the first game at the newly renovated Memorial Field, Saturday, September 24th. The long touchdown rush that put the Knights up by 8, was also the first game Zavion played in Memorial Field in Mount Vernon’s 32-24 victory over the Yonkers Force. You can tell by the cheers Mount Vernonites enjoyed seeing their Knights get off to a fast start and had memories of old games at Memorial Field. 

It was electric when the Knights came out the tunnel for the coin toss. Superintendent Dr. Waveline Bennett-Conroy, Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard and Westchester County Executive George Latimer joined the players on the field for the coin-toss. 

“This is our home,” Patterson-Howard said. “This is the jewel of Mount Vernon.” 

People began arriving by 11 a.m. – two and a half hours before game-time – to see the renovated field in action. 

Zavion who is 17-years-old never had the opportunity to play in Memorial Field when he was a Razorback since the famed park had been closed since he was one. Unlike Razorbacks before him like People Before Politics Radio Co-host Robert ‘Dr. Bob’ Baskerville, Zavion and the Razorbacks played at Brush Park or Mount Vernon High School these past 15 years. So it was only fitting in his first time in the park, he made it count, finishing with 112 yards and two rushing touchdowns scoring two touchdowns and if that wasn’t enough, on the defensive side, Vassel got a big sack.

video courtesy of Zavion’s mother Keisha Esson.
Zavion Vassel as a Mount Vernon Razorback courtesy of Keisha Esson

“It feels refreshing, it feels like a new beginning for Mount Vernon Football,” Zavion shared with Black Westchester.

A multi-sport athlete, Zavion also plays basketball and baseball but football is his first love and he has been playing since the age of six. He played basketball for New Flex and Davis and he was picked as an alternate for the Junior Knights but he ended up playing football that season.

There was an amazing sense on Mount Vernon pride in the air for the first time in years. Reminiscent of yesteryear. On Saturday it didn’t matter what candidate you voted for or supported, what administration you worked for, friend of foe, it was all love for a brief moment, like it used be. Could this be the beginning of a more united Mount Vernon, only time will tell.

“A sense of pride was definitely in the air, for sure. It’s a beautiful facility, and it sounded like the players was drinking up all that energy,” Program Director, Mount Vernon Junior Knights Basketball & Asst Coach of MVHS Boys Varsity Basketball Team Dwayne Murray shared with Black Westchester. “I didn’t get to see Zavion score as my car was blocked in, so I missed that. But energy and pride was definitely in the house.”

Zavion’s mom shared with Black Westchester, scouts are calling everyday and he has offers from Penn State and FSC.

“The first touchdown today had my adrenaline just rushing, I was super excited. My birthday was Thursday, September 22nd, two days before the game, i really wanted and prayed for him to get a touchdown,” Zavion’s mother Keisha Esson shared with Black Westchester. “This by far is one of the best birthday gifts ever.”

Remember the name Zavion Vassel, we expect you will be hearing it a whole lot in the future. Black Westchester selected Zavion Vassel as our Player Of The Week!

  • This proves that his dedication and hard work, coupled with the consistent, loving support of his Mom absolutely pays off! This young man has a VERY bright and promising future ahead of him, and I pray that the entire city of MV supports and stands behind him! Let’s GOOOOOO Zavion…your potential is limitless!!

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