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BW Music Spotlight: JCA – Strong, Handsome, Rich | Studio Performance (Live @ Mercy College)

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I wrote an article awhile back, I Love Hip-Hop But It’s Getting Harder & Harder To Defend It, and i feel more and more like that every day. With everyone living out their gangsta fantasies in their lyrics of ghetto tales, but every now and then I come across something that gives me hope for the future of Hip-Hop. When I woke up this morning a video from a local brother named JCA that I has to share. The track is called “Strong, Handsome, Rich” it was performed live at Mercy College, brought to you by Yahweh Muzik LLC Filmed by: @TheNineOneFour. I share this today for a few reasons, one, we complain about the music of today and tell young people they shouldn’t listen to it without giving them examples of what they should listen to and two because this is a dope track everyone needs to hear and the type of music you may never hear on commercial radio, where they tell us is where Hip-Hop lives. Thirdly because this brother is from the 914. This isn’t the first time I shared this brother’s music; he even mentions Black Westchester in one of his videos. This year Hip-Hop turns 50-years-old and gets it’s AARP card but still is as creative and hip as ever. We started Black Westchester to change the narrative of how we are portrayed in the media and to highlight our people who are doing great things. So today Black Westchester presents JCA this Black History Month because he is history in the making!!!

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