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Black Westchester March 15, 2021 Women Month Issue (Digital Edition)

Welcome to our March 15, 2021 Women’s Month Issue.

This month, the nation celebrates Women History Month, although here at Black
Westchester we celebrate the achievements of women every month because women make history 365/24/7. With that said we welcome you to our Women’s Month issue.

Yes, I said Women’s Month as supposed to Women’s History Month because this year we are celebrating many Wonderful Women of Westchester. My mother always said give her, her flowers while she is alive to smell them. With that in mind, we are celebrating many women of Westchester, some you may have heard of, some we are introducing you to for the first. Some are well known like Sculptor Vinnie Bagwell (page 14) and Dr. Traci Alexander (page 13) while many are unsung sheroes you may have never heard of. While there wasn’t enough space to celebrate every Woman of Westchester worthy of gracing these pages, we hope you enjoy reading about the ones we selected.

I would also like to thank all of you for the congratulations and well wishes in winning the Craig Newmark School of Journalism, Center for Community Media’s 2021 City Election Reporting Fellowship, and thanks to Dr. Bob for the write up (page 6) and you know we couldn’t do a Women’s Month Issue celebrating Women of Westchester without celebrating our resident Latina, Lorraine Lopez (page 8), check out the expanded Latino Empowerment section (pages 20-21).

We would like to take this time to thank all the readers, listeners, supporters, sponsors, contributors, and advertisers for their support in our effort to deliver the “News With The Black Point Of View,” since 2014. Send us your feedback, let us know what you think of this issue. Let us know subjects/topics you would like to see us cover in the future and send your letters to the editor to

Peace and Blessings
AJ Woodson, Editor-In-Chief and Co-Owner


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