June 10, 2023
Letter From The Editor

City Council Hopeful Lisa A. Copeland Attacks BW Without Reading Story First

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Letter From The Editor:

11903582_10153014139642411_336587991_nSo I start off my day today with an angry Facebook messenger message from Mount Vernon City Council candidate Lisa A. Copeland that read: “Did you call me a puppet in this article?”

Before I go any further, I have made no secret that I was supporting André Wallace even before he announced, and I have said on several occasions that it looks like André would get one of the open seats and the other one would probably go to Copeland. I was truly leaning toward voting for her up to this point. Delia Farquharson starting looking good but I still thought Copeland would be hard to beat. I have never written a bad word about Copeland and even sent her some of the pictures and a brief video I took of her from the debate, just because as I did with several of the other candidates.

Now back to this morning, so I’m working on a story, catching up on the morning news to see if there was anything I needed to know about and I get this message from Lisa. Then before I can respond, not knowing exactly what she was referring to, as I’m asking what she was talking about, the next thing that comes across my screen was: “Before I blast you; I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt?
In the Black Westchester article? “Puppet of Mayor Davis”

Now first you interrupt me, no hello, good morning just ‘did you call me a puppet in this article.’ Then you go on to talk about blasting me (whatever that was supposed to mean.) I pause and explain the Fleetwood Citizen’s Society gave feedback in how they thought the candidates did in the debate they hosted, which to date appears to be the only City Council debate before the primary.

They commented: “Lisa Copeland, members say she appeared to have a disconnect with the audience on the Broad Street Municipal garage. Others said she is a Mayor Davis puppet.”

11930709_10153014141257411_1163139648_nThen she went on a rant about me working for André Wallace (who I have maintained I am supporting since the very beginning) and start taking shots at the integrity of Black Westchester: “How can anyone take your “publication” seriously?” and “Black Westchester had the opportunity to do something positive and you choose to discredit yourselves. Have a nice day #disappointed in you.”

Ok so Mark Twain once said ‘Never pick a fight people who buy ink by the barrel.’ In other words two dangerous people to pick a fight with is a man with a pen (Editor-In-Chief of BW) or microphone (producer and on-air host of PBP Radio), and guess what I have both. I don’t know if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, forgot to take your meds or you just having a bad day, but up to now I have never done, written or said anything about you. Secondly we do not do Black Westchester for your or anyone else’s approval, so your disappointment means nothing to us.

Cutting to the chase, you are running for an elected office, you participated in a debate and the people who hosted it as well as some in attendance were not feeling you and some of your responses. It is their right as registered voters, whose votes you will need if to win this crowed race, to express how they feel about your answers to their questions.

Before I go on, I never personally thought you were a puppet for Davis, I didn’t think you really supported Davis, you just happened to be selected on a ticket with him. I read your rant you posted on Facebook for all to see about how you were supporting Ruth,  cause you posted a conversation you had with Davis, telling him you were no longer going to vote against your interest again or something like that.

More importantly when I ran the article, I sent it to you as well as the other five candidates so you can all see it. You had the audacity to make an assumption and attack me with your preconceived notions, calumniating my character and the integrity of Black Westchester, without even reading what I wrote. I am disappointed and expected more from you. I hope you are more diligent in finding out all the facts before going off on rants and make empty threats if you are blessed to be elected to serve as a city council person, for the sake of the city.

Now it’s done!

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