Black Westchester January 2022 Remembering Reggie (Digital Version)

Welcome to our special commemorative edition of Black Westchester.

This issue is dedicated to celebrating the Life and Legacy of Reginald A. LaFayette. We
apologize for the delay in the release of this issue. We were already to send the issue to the printer when we got the news on Reggie’s untimely death. We pushed the issue back a week to redo the cover (placing the original cover on Page 3) and reached out to as many of those that loved and respected Reggie that we could. Instead of us writing about the Chairman, we wanted to let everyone describe Reggie in their own words.

We pray you all enjoy this special issue and once again give our condolences to Reggie’s
family, friends and all those who loved him. As one of the only African-American voices in media in the County we felt it was our responsibility to celebrate him as only we could. We pray we did him justice and his family is proud of this issue. Special Thanks to Lorraine Lopez who assisted in getting many of the quotes for this issue!

We are following this issue with another special commemorative issue dedicated to Black-Owned Businesses in Westchester County and the surrounding areas. If you have a Black-Owned Business or want to share with us your favorite Black-Owned Business email us at If you would like to advertise in our Black 2 Business Commemorative Issue email us at

Peace and Blessings
AJ Woodson


  • Reggie Lafayette definitely was a nice, Compassionate and understanding guy! I will miss him attending my birthday celebration every year! Definitely was a people’s person. My condolences to you and his entire family

  • A gentle giant gone too soon. Rest In Peace Mr. Reginald Lafayette in the comfort of the Lord. AJ thank you for a beautiful Tributary on his life. We have a tangible legacy to hold onto✝️

    • Thank you, Stephanie, I pray his family is pleased with our celebration of Reggie’s Life and Legacy

  • Wonderful dedication issue to the life of Reginald Lafayette.

  • Excellent job AJ on your efforts to honor Reggie’s legacy of black leadership and for your work towards excellence in journalism here in westchester. I know the road isn’t always easy, but please stay the course. We need it. Well done sir.

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