May 28, 2023
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BW February 2022 – The Black 2 Business Commemorative Issue

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Welcome to our Black 2 Business Commemorative Issue

Instead of putting out another traditional Black History Month issue, this month and celebrating the accomplishments of those who came before us during the shortest month of the year, we decided to celebrate our Black-Owned Businesses in Westchester County and surrounding areas that we can use all year long. Westchester County is touted among America’s wealthiest counties. But they don’t talk about the poverty, homelessness, systematic racism, and injustice that exist.

Black Westchester’s purpose is not only to address the political process that affects the everyday lives of communities of color in Westchester County. BW’s mission has also been to shine a light on the brilliant culture, morals, values, and elegant lifestyle of Black people. It’s time to change the narrative on how Black people are perceived in media. And so we composed this Black 2 Business issue to spotlight and list many of the Black-Owned Businesses in Westchester, especially the small Black Businesses and Entrepreneurs!

This Black 2 Business Commemorative Issue is an economic call-to-action for the Black community to Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Reclaim resources in our community. Recycle The Black Dollar ecosystem allows us to embrace the brilliance of us, the excellence of us, the creativity of us, the strength of us, and the power of us.

We can shout at the top of our voices that Black Lives Matter, but if we are not talking about economic development of the African American community by encouraging the support of Black businesses, we are just talking to hear ourselves talk. Protesting is important! Fighting for justice is Important! Fighting systemic racism is important! But what they do not want you to know, what they do not want you to talk about and realize is the importance of Recycling Black Dollars and Supporting Black Businesses.

While we complain about the economic conditions, we have to take a long hard look at our involvement as we give our money to those who take our money out of the community. Willingly giving away our money who do not invest in our communities and in many cases do not care about us. We have the power to change that by finding and supporting our Black Businesses and Recycling Our Black Dollars.

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