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BW Exclusive: The Truth About DMX…

BW Correspondent Priscilla Echi shares the real story of DMX's hospitalization!

DMX hugging his mom at hospital

I visited the King of Yonkers hip-hop DMX, earlier today in the hospital and I wanted to clear up any untruths that are floating around on the internet! First and foremost he DID NOT and I repeat DID NOT overdose!!! No drugs were found in his system, what so ever! He suffered from asthma for quite some time and had a severe asthma attack and passed out, Monday evening!

It was by the grace of God that he received medical attention when he did. He could’ve very well died if he had been left unattended for even minutes longer.

Despite Yonkers Police Department and gossip-orientated media outlets releasing information of how he was resuscitated, leading you to believe he overdosed, there were no drugs found in his system, no matter what was administered or taken as a precautionary measure!

For everyone that’s been keeping up with everything DMX, he has been working extremely hard on his career and self-betterment! Everything around him has been strictly positive. He’s been booked for non stop shows and that alone can take a huge toll on one physically. He is now getting some well needed rest.

He was visited by all his loved ones including his beautiful children and was in great spirits. He appreciates the outpouring of love and in the words of the King himself “We ain’t going anywhere. We right here!!”


Continue to keep him in your prayers!

Stay tuned to BW, as we will keep you updated his condition and his career!


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  1. Earl never used no damn dope..people quick to belive the negative. Prayers for a full recovery and a come back strong enough to silence the haters!

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