June 6, 2023
Letter From The Editor

Missing 25-Year-Old Atlanta Female

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Kupaji (pronounces ku-pa-gie) Heath a 25-year-old African-American female living in the Metro-Atlanta, Georgia area has been missing since Tuesday, February 16th at about 4:00 p.m., and her parents, Beverly and William are very concerned because it is not normal behavior for her. If anyone in the Atlanta metro area has information regarding her whereabouts please email us at BlackWestchester@gmail.com or call the numbers below on the flyer.

Beverly, mother of Kupaji posted the following message on her Facebook page:

Dear friends,
Although We don’t know where our daughter is. Apparently one of her long time friends knows where she is, has seen her and believes her to be safe. We will act on that information; however, At this point we have to consider her not missing. So our prayer continues to be for her safety, and for her mental health. This is not normal behavior for Kupaji. If you truly care, please continue to pray and know that her mother and father and indeed her entire family loves her and we are truly concerned for her. For our family and true friends who prayed, made and passed out fliers, expressed concern, contacted news media, state representatives, police officers, detectives, deputy sheriffs, The Pastor and congregants of Shaw Temple AME Zion church, the Pastor and congregants of the ReNew Worship Center we appreciate how you all rallied around us with prayer and love and helped to keep us encouraged, we love you, we appreciate you and we will be forever grateful! Thank you!


Editor Note: I lived in the Atlanta area for about ten years and I know this family very well, and have known Kupaji since she was a young girl. She was a very active member of my church in both her youth and when she became an adult. I watched and celebrated with this young lady and her family at both her high school and college graduations. I too am generally concerned about her whereabouts. I join and ask other to join the family in prayer. Even though BW is a Westchester, NY based online news magazine, many in the Atlanta area read BW regularly. So I am using my platform to assist the family in their search for their daughter.

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