Legislator Virginia Perez Has Bus Shelter Built To Protect Seniors

Yonkers – Bee-Line bus riders got a new bus shelter at the corner of Post Street and Riverdale Avenue, Tuesday morning thanks to County Legislator Virginia Perez with a little help of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. Due to many crimes against area Seniors (reported and unreported), Legislator Perez who feel that protecting the Seniors is extremely important, took the initiative of having a Bus Shelter stop build just across from Flynn Manor, a Senior Citizens housing building, located at 334 Riverdale Avenue.

“Today I was joined by Mayor Spano and my loving constituents on Riverdale Avenue for the ribbon cutting of the new bus shelter,” Legislator Perez told BW. “Not only were my constituents expressive in wanting that added shelter, but they continuously reached out to me to share about crimes committed against them with the lack of protection. Due to my joint efforts with Mayor Spano, we were able to bring this coverage to this popular location in efforts to reduce the crime and violence to seniors in the area. It is with great pride that I share that after this bus shelter was added there have been NO attacks against anyone at this bus stop. I am aware that there are other stops that need to be reviewed and I would love to continue to work for the safety and protection of my constituents.”

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and County Legislator Virginia Perez after bus shelter ribbon cutting

“I came here to say thank you to Virginia. Virginia is such a wonderful partner,” Mayor Spano said at the ribbon cutting of the new bus shelter. “When you have something you want to make done… and Virgina wanted to make this work, this was her idea to get this done. She came to me to ask for some city support, obviously, we want to work together from every level of government, cause that’s the only way you all can get the services that you need.”

Primary elections are three weeks away, and one of the most hotly contested races is in Westchester County’s Board of Legislators 17th District. The race pits incumbent Virginia Perez against community activist London Reyes in the district that includes most of southwest Yonkers. Perez is a three-term Democratic incumbent who has drawn criticism from some in her own party for voting with Republicans on the county board. At the bus shelter ribbon cutting Tuesday with Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Perez fought back against those charges. She insisted that her constituents know exactly where she stands on the most important issues.