Black Law Enforcement Call For Buffalo Mayor To Terminate Officers Who Assaulted Protester & 57 Officers Who Resigned in Support Of Them

As law enforcement professionals, we are outraged of the actions of the Buffalo Police Department. We are even more outraged of the “Police Privileged” attitude that 57 officers resigned from the Emergency Response Team.

All across the nation, protesters are calling for accountability in Law Enforcement. We have witnessed through social media Black and  Brown people killed without due process by those who have sworn to protect us. 

For Mayor Brown, a Black Man, to have the unmitigated Gaul to talk about due process of violent Officers gives us a clear example of how weak politicians are to make a systematic change in their police department. 

The Buffalo Police Department has a history of rewarding corrupt cops and punishing the good ones. We cannot forget the story of  Cariol Horne, a former Buffalo Police Officer who was fired for stoping a White Buffalo Officer from choking a handcuffed Black Man. Mayor Brown fired Cariol Horne and took away her pension.  

What has happened in the Buffalo Police Department makes every protester a first-hand witness to how strong Police Unions are in the face of a Black Elected Official who should be culturally conscious enough to stand firm on accountability of his police department. 

It was reported that two of the officers were charged with felony assault but still remain suspended without pay.

To this end, As Law Enforcement Professionals, we are calling for the immediate firing of the officers who assaulted the protester and all 57 Officers who resigned from the unit in support of their abusive comrades. Any Officer that is willing to support an abusive officer is no good to the police department or the public safety of the community they claim to serve. 

If Mayor Brown is incapable or unwilling to correct the abusive, racist attitude in his police department, he should resign as well.  

It is our duty as Peace Officers and members of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America to continue the fight for Freedom, Justice, and Equality for all citizens. We will be advocates of Law Enforcement Professionals by establishing continuous training, support, and accountability. As Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we pledge our time, honor, and talent for the uplifting of our communities. We are indeed the leaders of the community, in and out of our blue uniform.

Damon K. Jones 
Blacks In Law Enforcement of America