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Brenda L. Crump’s Husband Herman, Had Two Life-Saving Emergency Brain Surgeries In A Week

One Of Our Own, Brenda L. Crump And Her Family Need Our Help!

If you ever been to a Mount Vernon City Council or Mount Vernon City School District board meetingyou know the name Brenda L. Crump. She is always on the scene to live stream press conferences and cover important court dates to keep the residents “informed, enlightened, educated and empowered.” She selflessly helps others and never ask for anything in return. She is been very instrumental in the growth of Black Westchester and the People Before Politics Radio Show and she was instrumental in helping the MVPL retain its Central Library status by getting the word out and offering a ride to the WLS meetings in her family van!!!

Now she needs our help. Her husband has had two life saving brain surgeries in less than a week.  Medical bills are more than the family can bare so her family has started a GoFundMe page to help with medical bills and other expenses.

Her daughter Destiny shares a few words to explain what the family is going through right now;

The last couple of days have been very hard; Herman R. Crump Sr., husband, father to seven children, the rock, and the patriarch of our family, underwent two emergency brain surgeries this week. As you can imagine, this has put an enormous emotional and financial strain on our family. My mother, Brenda L. Crump and family are asking for your financial support during this time. A contribution of ANY amount will greatly help. All funds raised will be used for the following purposes: hospital garage parking fees, transportation to/from the hospital, medical bills, sanitizing and hygiene supplies, groceries and bills/expenses my dad paid: i.e lawn care, etc. We ask not only for financial, but for spiritual, and emotional support as well. On behalf of our family, we thank everyone who has been reaching out with prayers and well wishes. We will periodically send updates on my dad’s condition. Again, thank you for your support.
Sincerely, Destiny L. Crump (Daughter)

Black Westchester is asking all our supporters and everyone reading this to click on the GoFundMe link and make a donation to help this family out.

Brenda is one of our own and has always been there for us now it’s time for us to be there for her family!


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