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Mount Vernon — Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas fired Commissioner Of Public Safety Robert ‘Bob’ Kelly, Friday Afternoon. While details are still sketchy right now, sources in City Hall tell Black Westchester that Commissioner Kelly was not allowed in the Mount Vernon Police Department.

Early this week, Mayor Thomas appointed Ronald Fatigate as Deputy Police Commissioner. He will probably be Acting Police Commissioner.

On Friday, December 18, 2015, Mount Vernon Mayor-Elect Richard Thomas sent out a press release announcing the appointment of a Deputy Mayor of Public Safety.

In keeping with his commitment to public safety, Mayor-Elect Richard Thomas announced the first appointment to his administration – Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Robert “Bob” Kelly, the announcement states.

Thomas told BW after the appointment, “The Deputy Mayor for Public Safety will be in charge of the Fire Department, the Police Department and Emergency Services, consolidating functions and integrating essential services.”

“When you consolidate the functions of the two departments, you definitely create a net savings on supplies, payroll needs and you also elevate the equipment requests when the department applies for grants,” the mayor said.  “So this makes Mount Vernon more competitive across the board, but also positions us to be even safer.”

Council President Marcus A. Griffith told BW, the consolidation of the three commissioner positions is a good idea, but as a commissioner not as a deputy mayor. Thomas received major criticism for the appointment.

On January 8th after Commissioner Kelly was sworn in, Thomas opened by stating: “I look forward to working with all the citizens of Mount Vernon. This is all a new chapter in our great city, as we swear in our new commissioner and these new probationary police officers.”

“Bob Kelly’s appointment is a fulfillment of my commitment to protect Mount Vernon and bring positive change to City Hall. He has the energy, passion, and proven abilities to innovate and solve complex problems. More importantly, he shares my vision and values to operate our city agencies and manage their resources smarter by leveraging new technologies, along with proven tactics to counter modern threats to public safety.”

Sources have also told us there has been a rift brewing between Kelly and the Thomas Administration for a minute

Calls to the Mayor’s office were not returned at posting of this story.

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story!


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  1. Jeri Lynn Robinson – How articulate, coming from a friend of a convicted stolen gun trafficker who used his position as a FF to sell guns in our community I wouldn’t expect more. This “man” IS the problem in our community and should be in jail. His actions may likely result in one of our black brothers killing more of our black brothers. We are our own worst enemies! It’s not the white folk’s problem! We need to take responsibility for ourselves and own our own problems! A black man selling guns in our community is OUR problem and Mayor Thomas aided & abetted him and continues to do so. The clergy in MV need to march on City Hall and demand accountability. Rise up!

    You must be a product of the MV school system. Mayor Thomas will NOT last the year! The FBI is onto him and Spiezio, and when the facts are in black and white in an indictment, the people will see that the Thomas is just the latest Democratic candidate in a long line over the last 45 years have fleeced them!

  2. I feel sorry for the citizens of Mount Vernon who elected a young man to lead the city, but got more of the same old, ethically-challenged (to be kind) narcissistic, political hack who $ee$ new opportunitie$ in hi$ new po$ition.

    The former PC’s professional reputation is well known, time tested and solid. This separation is actually a positive reflection on his character, high level of morality, ethics, and integrity. Some live by the maxim “My life you may take. My integrity never.” The former PC lives by that rule.

    The citizens deserve better than they are receiving from this Mayor. Until they choose someone of integrity, they will continue to live in fear and have no hope for their future.

  3. Cryptoguardian // April 9, 2016 at 10:32 AM //

    No time for novice OJT Mayors with gangster mentality

  4. C. Nathan Edwers // April 8, 2016 at 9:40 PM //

    It is of great concern that on the first 100 days of the Thomas administration that Mayor Thomas has fired one of his first set of appointees. How should the community read this action? He paraded Commissioner Kelly in many of the community black churches. Mayor Thomas it’s a new day! Wow! As the President of the largest Clergy group in the city, what’s going on! Many of us voted for change and community engagement, but it appears we have been given confusion and close doors politics. It is our hope that this administration get it act together. Four years is a long time for indecisiveness. Mount Vernon residents must begin answering some hard questions, is the administration being governed by emotional outburst or what’s the direction of our city and can Mayor Thomas deliver on his promises. It still early but the first impression is that we are headed for some serious problems. The faith community is watching and praying. You can’t carry a bible around and quotes scripture and not act the part.

    Bishop C. Nathan Edwers

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