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Breaking News: Community Activist & Blogger Samuel L. Rivers’ Car Bombed

Mount Vernon- Community Activist and local blogger, Samuel L. Rivers’ car was bombed in front of his house on Rockledge Avenue, just before 11:00 P.M., Friday night.

Mr. Rivers, Publisher of Mount Vernon Exposed came home around 10:30 P.M. went inside and was about to go to sleep when he heard fire trucks outside about 30 minutes later. He came outside to find the front of his car in flames.


“The perpetrator (s) should be brought to justice,” Mr. Rivers tells BW, while looking at the charred remains of his car burned into the asphalt.

Mr. Rivers, one of Mayor Richard Thomas’ strongest critics said he has received several threats online in response to stories he posted in Mount Vernon Exposed and the blogs Facebook page.

Mount Vernon Exposed has ran several stories on Mayor Thomas, the Thomas Administration, Acting Police Commissioner Ronald Fatigate and Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio, et al.

Samuel L. Rivers has a long history of being very outspoken of local and county elected officials, the MVPD and City of Mount Vernon employees, including holding press conferences calling for the DOJ to come in and investigate on several of occasions.

Stay Tuned to BW for more on this developing story.


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3 Comments on Breaking News: Community Activist & Blogger Samuel L. Rivers’ Car Bombed

  1. Any word on if this is insurance fraud by known scam artist Samuel L. Rivers? I find it too coincidental that his out of town licensed car just happened to catch fire and blow up less than 30 minutes after he arrived home. How come he didn’t hear anything before? If it blew up and was bombed why did he only go outside after the fire trucks came. WHo called the Fire Department? Question that any journalist should be able to answer.

    • Think More, Speak Less // October 8, 2016 at 8:11 PM //

      What you may or may not find coincidental is of no concern to him, I assure you. Out of town plates have no bearing on what happened to his car, you sound ridiculous. Now riddle me this, BATMAN, if your mother runs to you screaming, “I just heard 3 loud ‘popping’ sounds and looked out of the window and saw your car on fire,” would YOU be so quick to run outside to investigate? Being that he has made many enemies over the years and this is the SECOND time this has been done, surely you can understand his hesitancy to go outside until the police arrived. I don’t know many people, if any, who would go outside to an actively BURNING vehicle.

  2. Was a previous car for Sammy also bombed in front of his home years ago or an attempted bombing?

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