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The Breakdown of The Black Family by Helena R. Edwards

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black familyMost black people love liberals and their policies, and in doing so they become myopic towards the harm these liberal policies continuously cause to black families.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. A day that is devoted to honor fathers and the contributions they make in raising their children to be responsible and productive citizens in society.

Within the black family, many fathers are not there for their children. In the United States, children born to “single parent households” are upwards of 72 percent. Statistics show that children in these single family household makeup the largest percentage of “poor” people in America.

Mom and sons and daughterThe absentee black father is a norm within the black community. Some individuals would like to fool us into thinking that this is one of the residuals of slavery, but it is not. It is a result of misplaced values, greed and liberal policies.

Before President Lyndon Johnson declared “The War on Poverty” the majority of black children were born and raised in two parent black family households. Black marriages were above the 50 percent mark. “The War on Poverty” was another liberal Trojan Horse intended to destroy black families and it was very effective in doing so.

President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill which legally gave blacks “access to a better life.” But Johnson and his pals were never interested in helping to promote black empowerment because black empowerment is an inherent threat to white empowerment. Therefore, Johnson and the liberal think tank people had to create an attractive Trojan Horse to ensure that blacks remained dis-empowered.

This Trojan Horse was the so-called War on Poverty which was sold as a tool to reduce black poverty, but actually it created more poverty within the black community. You see, here was the trick. Johnson’s policies stipulated that in order for a mother to receive financial assistance, there could not be a man in the home. They employed Social Workers as bedroom police to ensure these women with children had no men living with them.

Black women traded their men for money. Some did it out of need. It was difficult for some black men to secure jobs. However, most black women traded their men out of greed. They began to use men and as sperm donors as a means to obtain money.

mass-incarcerationWith fathers gone from the home, the children largely became undisciplined and no doubt irresponsible. Today, it has become a generational habit within the black community and for the most part these children become adults that increase the incarcerated population.

So ladies, those of you who believe that you have been wronged by the men who impregnated you and left you to struggle, please understand that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory in this regard. You have a responsibility as a woman to ensure that you do not have a child when you are poorly situated to raise that child to become a responsible and productive contributor to society.

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