May 28, 2023

Bratton Weighs In On Peter Liang Case, Warns Assemblyman Barron After ‘Riots’ Remarks [1010 WINS]

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NEW YORK — NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton spoke to 1010 Wins via phone, Friday addressing everything from the attacks in Brussels, NYC receiving the most money for anti-terrorism and the 90 million dollar cut in terror funding, the federal government is proposing and the NY Post story on cuts in overtime.

At about 5:54 into the interview, Bratton said that Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson acted with “courage” in his recommendation of no jail time for NYPD Officer Peter Liang, and issued a warning to State Assemblyman Charles Barron for his comments about the case.

In November of 2014, NYPD Officer Liang – a rookie police officer – was on his second “vertical patrol” of the Pink Houses, an East New York, Brooklyn, public housing project. While patrolling the staircase with his gun drawn, the officer claims that a noise surprised him and he accidentally fired. The bullet ricocheted and hit Akai Gurley, who was taking the stairs with his girlfriend to avoid waiting for the elevator.

Liang, a 28-year-old rookie officer, was convicted in February of a manslaughter charge. He was also dismissed from the police force.

The Brooklyn D.A. recommended five years of probation Wednesday, for former NYPD Officer Liang who is facing up to 15 years in prison. Bratton said Thompson made the right move.

“I commend the District Attorney for his courage in this matter. He has been under attack by some in the community,” Bratton said.

In particular, Bratton singled out state Assemblyman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn), who made strong remarks outside Thompson’s office during a protest on Thursday.

“I protest. I do civil disobedience. We’ve done everything peaceful to try to get justice. But don’t make us bring Ferguson (Missouri) to New York City. It seems as though the only thing this country understands is when we tear it down,” Barron said at the rally. “And don’t blame me. I’m saying to you that some of our people in the streets are saying an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a life for a life.”

Barron said at the rally that many people felt that peaceful protests were having no impact.

“Even Martin Luther King, the prince of peace, said the riots are the voice of the unheard. He didn’t even condemn what he called riots. Am I saying that we should be rioting? Am I saying that we should do something that we haven’t done? I’m saying the system will determine it,” Barron said.

Speaking to 1010 WINS, Bratton said Barron was treading on shaky ground with his remarks.

“They come very close to being criminal in terms of inciting violence and riots,” Bratton said. “And so… he should be very careful about his words.”

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